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Palhares just can’t seem to let go

Palhares just can’t seem to let go

Rousimar Palhares has a long history of refusing to let go of submissions after his opponent taps, a seriously dangerous predilection when one’s specialties are kneebars and heel hooks. It’s gotten him suspended for 90 days in 2010, and last night it cost him $50,000.

Palhares, with the only submission on the card, should have won the “Submission of the Night” bonus. But because he continued to hold Mike Pierce’s leg in the fight-ending ankle lock, UFC officials elected to not give him the bonus.

UFC officials announced the winners at the night’s post-event news conference, which ( attended.

After his fight, Palhares said if he won the bonus, he’d donate his winnings to the Doctors Without Borders charity. Now that charity apparently misses out on a big check thanks to the way he finished – or decided to not finish – against Pierce. In addition, Brazil’s athletic commission also apparently will be looking into whether Palhares will get any official punishment.

The UFC may also go further than just taking away some bonus money – Dana White said after the event that Palhares would be receiving some ‘additional punishment.’ As for the condition of his opponent Mike Pierce’s ankle, coach Phil Claud told MMA Junkie “I think he’s OK, but we’re going to get an MRI.”

It kinda sucks that Rousimar holding onto his sub for too long is overshadowing the immaculate execution of the sub itself, but 1) guy does this shit practically every time 2) heel hooks can result in career ending injuries. I know ol’ Paul Harris has a reputation as a simple man from the dirt poor rural areas of Brazil, but he isn’t feed a carrot to a bus dumb. He knows what he’s doing here and it has to stop. If that means renouncing this sweet finish and suspending him long enough that it’ll actually hurt, then that’s what’s gotta happen.

  • Voice of Reason

    Yes it’s 3 levels of assholery but seeing Mike Pierce hurt was surprisingly satisfying.

  • frickshun

    ^^Not kewl.

  • agentsmith

    And now Paul Harris is fired.

  • rhymezbullet

    you don’t release when the other guy taps you release when the ref says what’s the problem here? this looked like every other submission in the UFC maybe he held on for 1 second longer but thats not important.

  • kwagnuth

    He was trying to break something. He is one sick fuck good riddance. You can see him give it an extra crank before letting go to. It’s pretty obvious what his intentions were.

  • Rousimar Palhares


  • rhymezbullet


    whats wrong with you and this site man? people on here hate on war-machine and hate on doug marshal and they are now hating on palhares its just insane the amount of hate that bad-ass fighters get.