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Paul Daley’s girlfriend is hot

If you’re mainly a UFC kinda guy, you may not know who Paul “Semtex” Daley is. Well just so you know, Paul is the current Cage Rage welterweight champion. His Muay Thai strikes are so effective his nickname refers to a plastic explosive used mainly by terrorists. There’s talk of Daley facing off with Nick Diaz down the road, which is pretty much the only interesting matchup EliteXC can pull off past setting up a ” target=”_blank”>Saw-like scenario between Diaz and Jake Shields. But this post isn’t about Nick Diaz or Jake Shields. It’s not even really about Paul Daley. This post is about Paul Daley’s girlfriend, who is fucking hot. Click the more button to see several pictures.

Special thanks to the Underground Forums for bringing these pics to light. However, you should all thank me for lifting these photos out of the southern-fried retard debate about black guys dating white chicks. Practically every post on there makes me drop IQ points … I’m amazed I’m actually able to string together coherent sentences after reading half that shit.


    Nice find, thanks for making me not suffer through the thread.
    Some rumors are that Diaz might face KJ Noons at 160 lbs. instead of Daley, I would personally like to see Noons face Diaz, should be a good fight not that Daley vs. Diaz wouldn’t be.

  • intenso

    if Nick beats him he should get to fuck his girl

    only fair.

  • Roger Huerta

    Yah mang.. she looks tight, a little pasty tho but still…

  • Jonathan

    Not gonna lie…hotter than the chick I was dating.

    And who the fuck cares if she is white and he is black. Grow up losers…

  • fightlinker

    Here’s what I think: We’re not saying she’s the HOTTEST GIRL IN THE UNIVERSE. But there’s no denying every one of you guys would punk that kitty in a millisecond if you had a chance.

    As for Daley / Diaz: Daley WON’T face Diaz in September since he’s defending his Cage Rage belt a week after the Hawaii show. However, according to Daley it’s just a matter of time as it’s a match EliteXC really wants to make.

  • Erin

    As a female of the straight persuasion, yup, the chick is hot. I wouldn’t mind looking like that. Course, that would mean giving up my Hostess Cupcakes, so fuck that.

  • Miguel Sanchez

    Dam man, I’d eat the chocolate that comes out of her ass, fuck the hostess cupcakes…

  • fightlinker

    I don’t even know what that means!

  • UFC Junkie

    Call me crazy — or blind — but those are real.

    (And before you dare ruin it for me, zip it Erin.) :)

  • Erin

    They certainly could be real, they don’t look all freakily-constructed or anything. Then again, an ex-roomate of mine had some pretty awesome fake boobies, so I’d probably have to do a touch-test. :)

  • Jonathan

    I would like to volunteer for said “touch test”

  • fightlinker

    But if you touch test her, I bet Paul would get to touch test you. With his foot. In your face.

  • Paul Lee

    yah but knowing you, he;d probably let you touch test her cause your such a faggit..

  • fightlinker

    Normally I don’t correct spelling, but it’s FAGGOT not FAGGIT. Although I suppose down south it is said that way soooooo …

  • Cyrus

    oh my god that’s hawt.

  • victorpoprock

    Why does she have 2 screw in plant hangers interlocked together tatted on her belly?

  • Rob

    Got moles?