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Paul Sass Appreciation Post

(gif via Iron Forges Iron)

As usual, those of you who missed out on the Facebook prelim portion of Saturday’s UFC on Versus 6 event missed out on some pretty badass action. One particular performance that really deserves more attention is that of UK jitz wiz Paul Sass. Sass is now 12-0 with with 8 of those wins coming via triangle (or as some call it, Sassangle). He’s also shown that if you spend too much time trying to keep your face out of his leg n crotch squeeze, he’ll happily shred your leg with a heel hook.

Calling Paul Sass a one trick pony isn’t exactly fair. Triangles are one trick. The heel hooks are another. And his superglue grip once he gets a hold of you is pretty impressive too. So it turns out he’s really a three trick pony. And how many tricks must a pony perform before you’re like “Damn, that’s a pretty cool pony! I would take him home, feed him carrots and apples, and we’d be best friends forever!”

After the jump, a Paul Sass highlight documenting several of the triangles that earned him a record for the most consecutive triangle choke wins in MMA history!

  • Redping

    and who says us liverpool lads are just all brawlers with no ground game! got robbed for SOTN, he did. Still, good to see one englishman you’re allowed to like instead of all the Hardy’s and Bispings and such

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    No one says that – they say you can’t wrestle.  Aggressive positional control.  You guys have had Jits for a while. 

    But I’m glad you sort of have something to br proud of for once.  Plus, don’t forget Michael Bisping.

    Seriously, though, Good hips and range there while he worked for it.

  • Blackula Jonez

    The fact that MJ was desperately trying to get away but COULD NOT is the scariest part. Dope jitz with not serious grip strength (or stremph) is like having sick striking but not power behind it.

    You may be able to win a fight or two but when you have both halves of the equation you become more than just a good fighter Mr. Wayne….you become a legend.