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People like Ariel Helwani get slapped

The cage fight between Nick Diaz and Paul Daley on Saturday is going to be awesome, but I’ve also been enjoying the battle between the two as to who can shoot themselves in the foot the worst in the new Zuffa-owned Strikeforce world.

Paul Daley has been talking shit non-stop in interviews about how he feels disrespected by the UFC and Dana White. He called Scott Coker a sell out, declared he’ll never be a company man, and is mainly interested in winning the belt as a ‘kick in the teeth’ to Zuffa. Nick Diaz is playing a more subtle game, but it’s there none the less. As usual he’s been missing interviews, skipping open workouts, and complaining about money non-stop. Now he’s putting his mug on our beloved Ariel Helwani:

ND: I’m all right. I wasn’t going to do this interview but they told me I had to. So you know … I feel good, ready to fight. I dunno, I don’t have much to say.

AH: Is it something against me? Do you not like me Nick?

ND: I feel like you instigate fights quite a bit, but…

AH: Fights between the fighters?

ND: Yeah. I mean maybe that’s your job but where I come from, you know, people like that get slapped.

For some reason, I don’t think stuff like this is what Dana White meant when he said Nick Diaz needs to learn how to ‘play the game’ a little.

  • frickshun

    Ha!! That’s fucking hilarious. 209 son!!!!!!!!!

  • scissors61

    i wish i could speed up diaz’s aging process with some kind of machine and force him to retire. he’s like a cross between rain man and the cholo who lives across the street from me. 


  • JoeRoganIsAnnoying

    Wow!  That’s so racist I had to google it…

    At any rate I very sure after watching the provided vid that he was kidding around.

  • G Funk

    HA! You live across the street from a Cholo

  • rickards

    I can see why Diaz would be annoyed with Helwani. Ariel is basically the middle man and relays the trash talk back and forth in order to hype fights. it’s sort of a weasely way to start shit and generate hype. I never really paid attention to that before, when watching his interviews, but he is prone to doing it. perhaps it has something to do with his enthusiasm with pro-wrestling that has gotten him into that routine.

    that being said, Diaz should keep his mouth shut if he doesn’t want his opinions spread out like wild fire. it doesn’t help that throughout his “you knows” he spews out a stream of incoherent trash talk that only comes so naturally for him.

  • scissors61

    HA! You live across the street from a Cholo

    Juarez is an hour away from me, of course I live across the street from cholos. They’re good people 

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    I also had to google that. It’s not every day that I learn a new ethnic slur.

  • scissors61

    Eh, it’s not a slur, they call themselves that. As I understand it “cholo” is only a pejorative in South America. In Mexican-American communities it’s just a word for “gangster.” 

  • Reverend Clint

    wow you had to google cholo?

  • glassjawsh

    I live in bum fuck Indiana and I know what cholo means. you should probably hate yourself bitches

  • scissors61


  • iamphoenix

    why does everyone like ariel so much. i’ve never listened to his interviews. i don’t listen to any interviews.

    209 ftw. this is why i like the diaz brothers. they so crazy(you have to read they so crazy like that black chick from that youtube video where that old white guy beats up that black dude and then the black dude wants some amber lamps.)

    does keyboard cat play ariel highwiny off or does sexy saxman? that is the question.

  • SST

    I think he was just punking him. He’s smirking the whole time.

    I’ll take a Diaz fight over any of the play-it-safe, lay-and-pray fighters any day.

    Do the cholo ride around in their low rider, banana seat bicycles?

  • lukustra

    ariel was probably scared as shit when he called him out for “starting this shit”

  • frickshun

    If Ariel breathed in really hard through that schnoz, he could probably make Diaz disappear!!

  • dowl

    LMAO! there can only be one Nick Diaz