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Pettis knows Capoeira

Check out this video of UFC fighter and gravity defying superhero Anthony Pettis showing off some of his straight up capoeira moves. I would have loved to see this live but my God it looks like several bystanders must get kicked in the face every night they do this. Hey guys, crowd around the spin kicking crazies. Closer!

  • Jarman

    You’d be surprised…I’ve only ever seen people in the circle (roda) get kicked in the head…the funniest is when someone goes to replace an opponent at a bad moment during the prep for a kick which he thought was a break in action. Pow! right in the kisser.

    Nothing teaches you to be aware of your kicks like throwing spins in a phonebooth like that…and nothing teaches you to avoid the kick you weren’t aware of like standing close to spin-kickin crazies.

    let’s be honest though….if it weren’t pettis and a very controlled Gran Mestre (he’s come full circle from colours back to bleached out), the circle woulda back up considerably. It’s entertaining to see that his basics are kinda backwards for capoeira….you can see the influence of muay thai in his jinga (the rhythmic step), but he’s got the wild, powerful, breakdance-esque kicks on lockdown way more than his opponent.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Holy shit, jarman knows his capoeira.

    And I concur, if anybody has the ability to pull off this shit in the ufc at a high level it will be guys like Pettis.