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Pettis sick of waiting for the lightweight belt, wants Jose Aldo next

Anthony Pettis vs Donald Cerrone

An interesting thing happened following Jose Aldo’s win over Frankie Edgar on Saturday night: Anthony Pettis text messaged Dana White and said he wanted next dibs on Aldo. White, currently low on big name opponents for his latest Brazilian killer, was understandably intruiged by that possibility. And just to reassure you Anthony wasn’t just all hyped up on 12 dollar arena beer and pretzels, here he is on the MMA Hour explaining why he wants to make the jump:

“I’m tired of waiting, man,” Pettis admitted on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “I’m just tired of getting passed up. Who knows what happens in the lightweight fight. Who knows what injuries are going to occur and how long that’s going to take.

“I was in the same position twice. I was there, I was the next guy in line, and it all depends on who the UFC wants to see fight. That’s what it’s all about. I think it’s who sell the tickets, who can sell the pay-per-views, and who do the fans want to see fight.”

Just to remind you of the scenic route Pettis continues to travel en route to a title shot, he finished up his WEC run by cage-kicking Ben Henderson’s face off and claiming the WEC belt. He was supposed to face the winner of Edgar / Maynard 1, but you know what happened then: Edgar / Maynard 2. Pettis found himself fighting Clay Guida, who clipped his wings and got on top of him enough to win a decision. Now a year and a half later, Showtime has finally climbed back up to the contender’s circle only to find himself behind Gilbert Melendez, who fights Bendo in three months.

So rather than wait for that fight or any complications that might arise from it, Pettis is electing to drop a weight class and take on Jose Aldo. That certainly sounds better than waiting until the fall to see him again. The dude is a warrior poet and his fights are like works of art. Putting him on the shelf for half a year causes a single tear to roll down the cheek of Native Americans everywhere. Anyone that suggests it should be found guilty of crimes against MMA and go straight to buttseks jail.

  • thingvolds

    Pettis is much too big for Aldo. If I’m Aldo’s camp, I don’t take that fight. Pettis needs to chill the fuck out, he’s getting annoying.

  • drunkenjunk

    whats Pettis doing thats annoying? He wants to fight for a title and doesn’t want to wait around for Bendo and Melendez and any complications that might arise from that.

  • kvelertak

    Jose needs to move up. He’s giving up too much cardio and giving these lightweights too much of an advantage.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Luckily Aldo’s a fight where he won’t be taken down and humped. I’d still like to see a rematch against Clay to see if he’s been working hard enough on his wrestling to last at any weight class.

    For now I’m just gonna enjoy a dope fight.

  • CAP

    Pettis would be a sick fight for sure. They could throw Guida at Aldo, I’m not super jazzed on that fight but would be interesting to see how Aldo deals with a spazzy caveman carney.

  • frickshun

    Now that this fight is booked FOR AUGUST…….I think it’s time to acknowledge how shitty this is for guys like Lamas who legitimately worked his way into a title shot.

    Pettis is STILL FUCKING WAITING almost 4 mo’s after Bendo’s next fight for the Aldo fight!!