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Phantom of the Octagon

Tim Sylvia not only participated in the Quad Cities edition of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, he cleaned up on that motherfucker and took first place. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this video since I heard he was taking part in this … I was really hoping he’d accidentally KO his partner or shit himself again. Unfortunately, there’s none of that in this video. The end shows a jubilant Tim celebrating his win, although he did comment that he’d “rather be out in the woods killing shit”.

  • Jonathan

    Little known fact about Tim Suliva is that he used to be a paperboy.

  • Wu Tang

    Little known fact about Tim Suliva is that he use to wear his belt while gardening.

  • Cyberjace

    The anticipation of him taking off that rope was killing me. I was thinking to myself “I’m going to fall out of my chair laughing if he is wearing his old championship belt”.