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Phil Baroni wants back in the Zuffa family

There’s a shit-ton of Phil Baroni interviews floating around in anticipation of his ION-broadcast prelim fight against Brad Tavares, but my favorite is this one with Jonathan Snowden. Say what you will about his agent provocateur role at Bloody Elbow or his recent fellating of Strikeforce, but the dude gets some great stories out of the fighters he interviews, like this:

“I go back with those guys a long time,” Baroni said. “I don’t get to talk to them as much anymore because they are busy, traveling around the world and doing great things. Joe Silva was my good friend. I’d drive him around because he didn’t have a car. We’d go to find him comic books and he’d take me out to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It was cool. I’d go to Joe’s office and watch tapes and it was like a soundtrack to the world. Back then the tapes were in different languages. We’d watch fights from Brazil and they’d be in Portuguese. We’d watch fights from Japan like Pancrase and SHOOTO and it was cool. I got to be real tight with those guys. Dana, when I tore my back and was out for almost a year, he took me to Hawaii for the first time. Those guys were good to me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to win for them and it’s a business. But I plan on winning now and getting back into the Zuffa family. I got to know these guys back then when they started and I’m proud of them. I want to be a part of what they are doing today.”

I’m a total Baroni nuthugger and will be cheering for him to knock Tavares’ block off. And in that spirit, here’s a highlight of oldschool Baroni taking people out:

  • agentsmith

    He could be the best honorary VP eva!

  • SST

    Liddell’s going to need a secretary.

  • dulljake

    Phil, you are done man. It’s time for a new career. Have you considered the delicate art of crocheting?

  • G Funk

    Ryan only started being a NY Badass nut jumper when Phil hit him up on the social network and told him he had purdy eyes.

  • Sodomize Intolerance

    We need more fighters like the oldschool Baroni, don’t stop throwing until the guy gets hurt.