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Pitbull vs Rumble

Here’s the full Andrei Arlovski vs Anthony Johnson fight from Saturday’s World Series of Fighting event. Relevance aside, it’s a pretty fun match. So enjoy watching these two guys beat the shit out of each other!


  • noiseless

    good fight, thanks!

  • CAP

    Arlovski lost to a welterweight and Rumble’s cardio sucks at any weight.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    To be fair, Rumble was as much of a WW as Florian was a FW.

    Hopefully Rumble gets his weight in order and starts sticking to one class. I don’t like him much as a person (from what I’ve read), but I do like to watch him fight.

  • noiseless

    rumble coulda been something great, i think he’s really good. sorta wild fights. buuut dat ice cream..

  • frickshun

    I was there. The whole card was fucking great!!