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Podcast Reader: Lee Gibson

If you listened to the last episode of the Low Blow, you’ll know we discussed ShoXC fighter Lee Gibson. And by ‘discuss’ I mean ‘accused him of being a Nazi’. Now this may not be true … he may just be a white supremacist or something. He may not even be that … we’re basing this assumption entirely on the fact that he’s got a big ass SS tattoo under his right arm. That tattoo and more discussed here in an extra old Fightlinker post.

  • ingebjorg

    Do your reaserch before you call somebody a nazi. That is a sniper tatoo. SS means scout sniper. Brilliant work dude.

  • John

    Hey assholes,
    why don’t you do some research before you bash someone’s ink. The ss is a sniper tattoo. It’s not real cool to bash someone for being an Airborne fucking Ranger, what the fuck have you assbags accomplished. By doing this you bash all the other Rangers out there, past and present. That’s cool though because I’m real sure you guys appreciate what the armed forces do everyday so you can have your little insignificant radio show and website. I’m sure you also realize that what you wake up and do everyday doesn’t matter and never will. Well, it’s nice of you guys to show how patriotic and supportive you are of the troops, remember this fellas
    so fuck off

  • fightlinker

    Spare me the ‘support the troops’ rhetoric, the fact that Lee Murray was a soldier has nothing to do with any ‘bashing’ we did. We never even brought that up.

    Lee’s tattoo is a double lightning bolt – the same symbol is used for the Waffen SS:

    We actually *did* do research into the topic before posting to see if there were other organizations using the double lightning bolt, specifically in the American army. Guess what! Nothing turned up. If you have any proof (links, images, websites) that support your claim, that’d be wicked. If Lee Murray’s double bolts just mean ‘sniper scout’, then I’m a happy guy. That’s one less nazi, something I’m sure we’re all for. I’ll happily update this post and make another post to clarify things.

    On the other hand, any time someone shows up in MMA sporting a tattoo that’s associated with fascism, I’m gonna point it out. I’d rather be wrong and corrected than right and silent.

  • MrRudy

    I can’t add your feed to Feedburner. How I do this?