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The Prancing Pony Episode 1: Feipland Farm trip

Sorry for the delay on the radio show folks, we stayed up late into the night talking all about ponies and our wonderful experiences with them. We’ve got tons of great horse and pony related news for you today, including a breakdown of the Florida Derby results and how our favorite steed Big Brown did.

Plus we spent the weekend at Feipland Farms, and Mr Feipland was kind enough to show off his entire collection of beautiful ponies. Last but not least we tangle with the moral issues behing ponies as steeds or as show horses. Gets a bit heated!


Or stream it off our wonderful applet to the right. iTunes users should see the show in a matter of horses … or hours! lol.

  • micjasbro

    only 6 mins?

  • twankydawg

    Dammit man, you guys are shitting fucking rainbows today, you’re starting to make me wonder!

  • jackal-matt

    Best low blow i’ve heard in while.

  • dan

    carnt wait for tomorrow for this shit to end

  • Lifer

    two thumbs DOWN

  • fightfan

    Sorry FL……..AGREED post #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Card

    lol @ Ginuwine as the intro. Great stuff.

  • Gong

    Called it.
    But what the hell? 6 minutes? We’re already deprived as it is ):

  • Shade

    wow… this is bullshit… you’re site is already funny. Today is just lame

  • XtremeFightster

    Needs to be more good.

  • demonianray

    The ponylinker logo kicks ass !!! LMFAO

  • x5BoltMainx

    Yes, the Pony logo kicks ass, but the rest of the stuff takes it in the ass.

  • nsk

    wtf linker did u lose another bet?

  • Popetastic

    I’ll admit. I will be a little sad tomorrow when I log on to find the old Fightlinker format back on display.

    PonyLinker 4 Evaaaaaaaa.

  • Mobb Deep

    That was pretty fucking funny if you ask me. Way to stay in character.