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PRIDE website whores for WEC

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Once the UFC’s greatest competition and holder of the best fighters in the world, PRIDE is now reduced to shilling for the WEC. Check out what those bastards at Zuffa have done to Pride’s English homepage. WEC banners everywhere. I’m not one of those hardcore PRIDE fans, but I gotta admit what’s happening here just seems wrong. It’s like squeezing your grandmother’s breast during her funeral. And yes, trust me … that’s very wrong. At least that’s what my grandfather told me when he threw me out of the church.

  • intenso

    It’s nothing compared to what Vince McMahon did to the WCW and ECW brands after he bought them.

  • Jonathan

    It seems like someone hacked it and just stuck the WEC flyer…I bet you anything that there is text underneath it.

  • The Citizen

    UFC Smells