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Proof the world is coming to an end in 2012

  • iamphoenix

    He is a BEAST!!

  • subo

    He should hold his chin out more.

  • mobius

    thank jebus mike was there to hold the bag

  • Iron Justin Biebz

    The Biebz will be HW champ. No movement, no jab, no head tucked, dudes game is built for modern day boxing. Next Kirkland right dere.

  • noiseless

    ohhhhh, tyson just wants to suck his prick.

  • Omomatta

    He’s gonna break his stinky pinkies if he doesn’t start landing those punches properly.

  • Giallo

    I don’t have anything but recycled gay slurs.

  • Letibleu

    Tyson looking good. In the interview about Jon Jones, Tyson looked about 50 + pounds lighter than a few months ago.

  • brandon

    fuck, until today i was certain I was tougher then him.

  • agentsmith

    Beebs later used this deadly training on a paparozzo.  Nearly killed the poor guy!

  • thingvolds

    this is why i never understand how tyson can always claim to be completely broke.  he could definitely make a very respectable living as a trainer if he wanted to.  even if it was only as a trainer to rich, famous people like this kid.  if i was as rich as justin biber, i would happily pay tyson 100k to train me for a few months.  then we would hang around nyc getting drunk, blowing lines and chasing whores like tyson is still known to do. 

  • Voice of Reason

    He hits like a girl

  • Dwi

    This is so much better than posed prtcuies. This is THEM just the way they are with so much personality. Gotta love the eyeroll and the cross eyed one. Though I am sorry little Levi is crying, I love that you did not feel the need to take proper’ prtcuies but captured them as they are in real life. It will make them smile or groan when they are older

  • dowkfrmzti

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  • bkougb

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