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Pugilistic Prognostications: What Next for the UFC on FOX 9 Fighters

Pugilistic Prognostications: What Next for the UFC on FOX 9 Fighters

UFC on FOX 9 on Saturday night brought us more than a fair share of decisions (okay, they were somewhat action-packed, so it wasn’t that bad), plus the night ended with some big exclamation points in the form of a choke and a killer knuckle sandwich. So what now for the winners and losers from the event? Hey, I’m glad you asked, because I can see the future.

  • Abel Trujillo - As we’ve seen in his last two fights, Trujillo is a bad, bad man. And by that, I mean the dude will skirt the line between ultra-violence and cheating as if the Unified Rules are merely an afterthought to destroying the human being before him. He beat Roger Bowling convincingly, so I see him taking on Sam Stout next. Stout is tougher than a two-dollar steak, skilled on the feet, and experienced enough to teach this borderline d-bag a lesson.
  • Cody McKenzie - This guy apparently showed up to fight with no shorts or mouthpiece, and from the looks of him, put zero effort into preparing for his UFC on FOX 9 bout. I see him living under a bridge in the near future, drinking shoe polish while he tries to guillotine himself over and over again.

  • Zach Makovsky - He got cut from Bellator, but wound up a late-replacement for John Dodson against Scott Jorgensen, whose ass he ended up kicking. I like his odds in the UFC’s flyweight division, and see him fighting someone meaningful in his next bout, like Dodson or Ian McCall.
  • Pat Healy - The world loves a grinder when they win, but this time around Healy’s grinding game yielded dividends of only his own blood. I see him taking on some TUFer, like Tony Ferguson or Michael Chiesa, and then his butt is gone.
  • Court McGee - You can only coddle a TUF winner for so long, then they have to find their own path in the Octagon. Well, McGee’s path is the path to Loserville, so expect him to face someone of only marginal importance, like a Mike Pyle or Amir Sadollah next. He will never break into the upper echelon of the welterweight division, so don’t even waste your time imagining it.
  • Joe Lauzon - X-Box games and accolades. That’s Lauzon’s immediate future.
  • Mac Danzig - There have been worse TUF winners, but not that many. Danzig is destined to ride out his career in the minor leagues, so look for him to fight for an RFA or Legacy Fighting Championship belt somewhere down the line. And losing.
  • Urijah Faber - As the clear number two in the bantamweight division, there’s really only one logical opponent for Faber, who’s already lost to champs Renan Barao and Dominic Cruz: a scrub! I see Faber headlining another California card opposite the likes of Johnny Bedford and Bryan Caraway, and killing them.
  • Michael McDonald - A dermatologist and a tanning booth. That’s McDonald’s future. All of it.
  • Joseph Benavidez - A wig, some lipstick, and voila! Josephina Benavidez is now a member of the TUF 20 cast. You go, girl!
  • Demetrious Johnson - In clear and convincing fashion, he’s established himself as the boss of the flyweights. So what does the future hold for Mighty Mouse? All the cheese in the world, of course.