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Quick thoughts on UFC on FOX 7

-I’ve either got to admit Jordan Mein isn’t the Next Great Canadian Thing or declare Matt Brown a revitalized world beater. So … ALL HAIL MATT BROWN, THE MAN TO BEAT GSP!

-After nearly a decade trapped in the Strikeforce netherverse fighting Gilbert Melendez and his leavings, Josh Thomson finally got the chance to step out from under Gil’s shadow and distinguish himself as his own fighter. And what a performance. He went for the classic Diaz-kyroptonite hit and run strategy, but was brutally effective with his counters. He split Nate open and set up his headkicks with shots to the body. It all ended with a beautiful head kick that basically put the entire lightweight division on notice: watch out for Josh Thomson.

-Daniel Cormier won his fight with Frank Mir convincingly, but he didn’t likely make many fans and it wasn’t the kind of performance that gets you anywhere near the kind of big fights Cormier was talking about beforehand. For 15 minutes Cormier caught hold of Mir, dragged him into a corner, and tenderized him. For a student of wall n stall tactics, it was a masterclass. For the average fan, it was the perfect time for a bathroom break. Here’s where I’d say you don’t earn shots against Jon Jones with meh performances like that, but Machida.

-Gilbert Melendez looked like he was ready to take that strap from Benson Henderson in the first round. Then in the second, whether it was because of adjustments from Bendo or less aggression from Melendez, things looked less certain for the Skrap Pack fighter. Henderson took rounds three and four before Gil came back strong in round five. The decision all came down to how judges saw round 2, which to me looked like textbook 10-10 tie in a world where 10-10 scores are allowed. But since they never happen, Henderson got the nod and I’m not too sad about that. See that old chestnut about having to really beat the champ to take the belt. Plus it was nice watching Benson Henderson propose to his girlfriend. Classy of San Jose to put the majority of their boos on hold while he did that.

  • 2wrongs

    I get the Matt Brown sarcasm.

    People complain that fighters are afraid to take fights on short notice and then when they do (Mein) and lose, they say, ” see he wasn’t any good anyway”.

    Jebus, Mein is only 23 and didn’t Brown admit that Mein almost stopped him in the first round?

    Who knows about Mein. Bad fight against a top contender? Sure. Uriah Hall levels of hype? Nah.

  • frickshun

    I still like Mein but wow, Brown was aggressive as fuck. Good on him. I appreciated his jab @ the media in the post-fight presser too.

    I thought Cormier looked pretty damn good. He can say he “laid an egg” but he fought a former champ & neutralized every single fucking thing Mir could possibly do. Maybe a little slow paced but he didn’t let up & did throw some bombs from inside.

    Fuck Bendo AND his nuptials.