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Rampage apparently unaware the UFC owns the world, seeks fighting employment elsewhere

(3 Rampage Moon by ghillustration)

After grueling training sessions, press obligations, contract negotiations, and the actual fight, you really can’t blame a guy for wanting to avoid the MMA world when the job is done. But there comes a point where going off the grid leaves you in the dark. That’s where Quinton “Rampage” Jackson finds himself now that he’s nearing the end of his UFC tenure and looking to new opportunities. He recently spoke to Tatame about his upcoming opponent, Glover Teixeira, and offered some thoughts on his future:

“This is my very last fight in UFC of my contract, so I’m start seeing what’s out there, what other company wants me to fight for it.”

Evidently Rampage so avoids the fight world that he’s unaware the UFC bought PRIDE in 2007, dissolved the WEC, and purchased Strikeforce last year. That leaves Bellator, where Rampage would make a fraction of what he makes in the UFC, the regional circuit, where he would make a fraction of that fraction, and Japan, where he would get a nice contract but never actually get paid. But hey, those fans appreciate him, so maybe that’s all he needs.

Nope it’s pretty clear Rampage is referring to boxing, where guys actually fight. Fuck all this wrasslin’ and jiu jitsu shit. Somebody please send this man Nick Diaz’s phone number. Maybe Nick can explain to Rampage that you don’t just walk into boxing and make Floyd Mayweather money. You have to prove yourself a top contender, and that rarely happens with 34 year old cross-over athletes. Maybe he can be that one in a million guy, who knows, and I do wish him the best in all his endeavors, but I’d bet a testicle, the right one, that Rampage is back in the UFC within a year.

  • randlemansvertical

    Pretty bold statement that leaves you one less nut. Why would the UFC want him back? At this point all his posturing is kind of pointless, he’s a washed up fucking can that couldn’t even put Keith Donedine away or beat Ryan the homosexual bodybuilder Bader. He’s bitching to an empty room at this point.

  • frickshun

    I think the UFC has demonstrated that you can’t bully them. If Rampage is hoping they’ll apologize & throw bags of money @ him, I see a few one off fights & retirement w/in 2 years.

  • Nachtfalter

    I’d say he can go box Kimbo, but he’s not a welterweight, so… probably not gonna happen.

  • Letibleu

    I have worked in a butcher shop and am willing, on behalf of all Jackals, to provide my nut removal skills to you. I will be swift yet gentle.

  • glassjawsh


    he’ll fight fedor and then cro cop (so he can avoid all that difficult training and weight cutting) and then do some pro wrasslin in japan.

    dude’s going to be fine (career wise at least)