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Rampage Jackson on Dr Phil


You can get a little taste for what Quinton Jackson’s life was like when he was a kid in the hood with this video from Dr Phil. Yep, Rampage was on Dr Phil giving positive life advice. His best? Stay out of prison, because you’re not the only one there who’s bored. There are other bigger badder dudes who are just as bored and they don’t have any girlfriends. And of course everyone gets a good laugh out of that because men being sodomized in prison is funny.

(via Middle Easy)

  • agentsmith

    I was hoping it was gonna be more of a “scared straight” kinda thing.


  • CAP

    I remember some of the shows bringing in drill sargeants to scare the lil gangsta’s straight. It was a good watch!

  • agentsmith

    “Oh you just gonna be a fighter for a few years, make some money, then get a real job, right? That’s what I thought, 11 fuckin years ago! Look in my eyes, motherfucker! Now gimme your goddamn shoes! GIMME YOUR SHOES!”

  • G Funk

    My wife told me about this and said she thought Page did a chit job. I can see what she was saying now.

  • GoldenArms

    Rampage weren’t no gangsta. I’d to see him walk a mile in $kala’s shoes.

  • frickshun

    AgentSmithers bringing the funny!!