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Rampage Jackson raises awareness for a serious issue

Despite the Culinary Union’s best efforts, the UFC still has a TV deal with FOX and Quinton Jackson still has a lucrative endorsement deal with Boost Mobile. Good for us, since Boost is smart enough to use Rampage in a bunch of hilarious commercials. Here’s the newest one, just in time for the holidays.

  • G Funk

    This is as funny as the front page posts lately. Tanks Hyan!

  • Reverend Clint

    rampage is one funny fucker… doubt gsp ould pull that off

  • frickshun

    Not bad.

  • CAP

    *See Hamill Prize Pack

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    BGD was the cause of Rampages murderous Rampage on the pregnant public?