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Rampage Jackson’s got a mole problem

Rampage Jackson is obviously a little crazy. So when I hear accusations from him that he’s got a spy in his camp, you’ll forgive me if I start out a bit skeptical. Let’s work through this article from Yahoo Sports laying things out:

Jackson said he first became wary about a spy in his camp during the days prior to his May 29, 2010, fight at UFC 114 in Las Vegas with Rashad Evans. He said he injured his knee in training, but kept it quiet and let no one know. He was pleased when the injury never found its way into the media.

Yet, Jackson said that during the fight, Evans punched him repeatedly on the injured knee.

“In all my years of fighting, I’d never been punched in the knee before and I never saw anyone punch someone in the knee,” Jackson said.

Eeeh, a little flimsy right there…

He said that made him wary that someone in his camp had been disloyal. But it wasn’t until recently, when he received a message from a fan on Twitter telling him that Jones had a spy in Jackson’s camp, that he began to consider it a possibility.

Oh yeah, twitter tip. Sounds legit.

It prompted him to make up the story about the injured hand to see where it would go.

Jackson said that four hours after he first made mention of the supposed injury, Silva, who was attending UFC 134 in Brazil, called his manager, Anthony McGann, to inquire. When McGann assured Silva that Jackson was not injured, he asked where Silva had heard the information.

To Jackson, the response was predictable: Silva said he had gotten a call from Jones’ manager Malki Kawa

Oh snap! Now that’s some caught red handed shit right there, son. Kawa denies the whole thing, saying he got the news through twitter, but when it takes four hours for news to leave your lips and come back to you via your opponent’s management, something is up. Then again, something is probably up a lot more often than fans would think…

  • Blackula Jonez

    I dunno, accusations like these are very tricky to confirm.


    Is Bones and his management shady enough to do this: sure.


    Is Rampage crazy enough to get paranoid this close to the UFC strap: damn straight.


    Loose lips sink fight camps, wouldn’t be surprised if this makes turns most major private fight camps into even more secluded affairs.

  • G Funk

    Which Silva? There’s like a million.

  • agentsmith

    Joe Silva, the UFC matchmaker midget.

  • CAP

    Hogwatcher Silva!

  • G Funk

    Yeah just got it from yahoo’s write up.

  • Letibleu

    I know who it is

  • G Funk

    HA! never gets old.

    Check out yahoo’s story, very detailed good write up.

  • CAP

    How can you spy on a camp? Sounds more like they have a snitch. And I can’t stand Kevin Iole, he says whatever Dana’s hand up his ass tells him to.

    Rampage should punch Tiki in the balls again just in case it was him.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Meh, calling Iole Dana’s parrot is about as cliche as saying Cecil Peoples is a crappy ref when we know for a fact 3/5ths of them are inocompetent.


    What is Iole supposed to do, try to subvert Dana and the UFC at every turn, expose his mistress and bastard children? Where is  its exactly in your best interest as a combat sports reporter to slight a reactionary figure like Dana? Where is the upside in that scenario, excommunication, covering Bellator/Rebney, Zombie Pride or Zombie ProElite?

    I would expect this demand for stalwart and upstanding journalism from BE comments, I expected my fellow jackals to have a better idea of how the real world/retaliation works.


    Its like when people bitch about Rogan being a horrible commentator and then we get one weekend of Kenflo doing an adequate but paint by the numbers job and everyone wants Joe back. I have a feeling that mma fans have no real idea how slim our options are in regards to things like unbiased journalism, commentators and the like.

  • G Funk

    Black is killin EVERYONE! today

  • Blackula Jonez

    Just pissed off that my sick days are up and I have to go back to work hopped up on pain killers and anti biotics from my wisdom tooth extraction.


    Would much rather sit around the house and play 3rd strike online all day lol.


    Props for The Professional/Leon referrence.

  • agentsmith

    “Do you like Beethoven?”

    Brilliant movie.

  • CAP

    Jazzula, Iole has towed the company line way more than most to the point I forget who he works for sometimes. Of course he won’t talk back, he wants to keep his job. Every once in a while he pushes back but that is rare. Damn he’s crusty and the grass is always greener on the other side.


    Wisdom Tooth extraction? Do you live in Alabama?

  • SST

    Natalie Portman’s acts like a little slut in that movie.

  • iamphoenix

    lulz fucking butters always up to something.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Black ditch the painkillers and load up on Ibuprofen.  Notice how the painkillers still leave you feeling shitty?  Its the inflammation that kills with wisdom teeth.  800mg a day worked pretty well for me.  Although painkillers were fun later.  Despite thinking I’m a frail little bitch, turns out I have really really strong bones.  Which would’ve been awesome to hear if it didn’t happen while taking four times as long for two of my teeth to come out.  Fuck.

    And yeah, this isn’t a spy, it’s someone in his camp who doesn’t like/respect him.  It’s a snitch.

    It looks like he’ll have to go into this fight ready for anything.  Boo fucking hoo.

  • Blackula Jonez

    I got 800 mg Ibuprofen and generic percoset/oxycondone-acetaminophen 5-325. 


    The ibuprofen goes down fine, the oxy/tylenol gives me hiccups and makes me a chatty cathy.


    And as much disdain I have for Jones, your theory on Rampage having a peon turn snitch is probably the most simple and plausable answer. Quinton seems like the type of guy who is a dick to close friends and would be shocked and suprised if any one of them said fuck it and snitched on him.