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Rampage on rape

Dig Rampage Jackson’s new ad for some streaming video site in which he demonstrates some tried-and-true tips for picking up chicks.  It begins innocently enough, but quickly turns into parking lot rape, then makes a sharp swerve onto the Crazytown offramp, hits the guardrail, flips end-over a few times and explodes in a shower of WTF.

Your move, Miguel Torres.

(via CagePotato)

  • Letibleu

    whats the fuck was this??????

  • Jarman

    wow… indeed. That left me feeling confused and alone, much like my last sexual encounter.

  • Letibleu

    untie her and she will love you more.

  • Symbul

    It’s like someone dared him to find a way to make a rape instructional video more offensive somehow.

  • Fizzy

    aaand the wheels have come off the rampage express again

  • Nepal

    Next: Rampage dropped by the UFC.

    Next next: Rampage to fight King Mo in Bellator

  • armhuinnamuice

    ok, now we all know that rampage is not exactly mensa material but he is not dumb enought to think that this will go unnoticed so i’m thinking he is looking to get released from his ufc contract and what better way that making an offensive video – homophobic and promoting sexual violence and a little more of his mysogynistic tendencies come to the surface

  • noiseless

    i’m gonna watch this and totally get it. fruity fucks.

    edit: oh my fucken god, what happened.

  • noiseless

    i don’t even

  • Remico

    The most offensive thing about this video is that in 15-20 jokes told not a single one of them were funny. You’d think with probabilities he’d at least have managed to have 1 out of 20.

    What I’m saying is Rampage’s joke ratio is somehow worse than his checked leg kick ratio.

  • Jarman

    It’s like his joke-jaw went glass all of a sudden. Did jones steal his joke AND his competitive spirit?

  • CAP

    Shows you what a moron he is thinking something like this will go over well. Bad idea all around especially with the recent history of butthurt rape ruining careers. He should have just done gay porn.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    rampage is not smart, but just wow. What planet is that amusing?

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    I thought about it some more and this video is to draw attention away from his baby killing notoriety.

    only possible explanation

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