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Rampage sez hell yeah to the idea of Forrest Griffin in Japan

Fights are starting to flow for UFC 141, aka that Japanese card strangely headlined by Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson. It’s funny to call Bendo vs Edgar strange in relation to the Japanese, a people who pioneered the zombie flamethrower vagina amongst other cultural oddities. But it’s true: it is a strange pick for Japan.

Less strange is the potential involvement of Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, who’s already asked to be on the card. And now here he is throwing out a matchmaking suggestion. What do you think? Does the possibility of Oldschool Rampage powerbombing Forrest give you skin boners?


  • Mixed Martial Adam

    I don’t know if I really want to see Forrest take another one on the chin. Maybe the UFC should resign Arona to a one and done deal and have THAT rematch in Japan…

    …or Shogun/Rampage anyone? anyone…? …Bueller?

    (btw – a post at 8:55am has to be a new fightlinker record)

  • CAP

    Yeah Shogun/Page would be good although Rampage deserves some payback on a Forrest rematch. Looking back now I can’t believe he couldn’t catch Forrest’s chin with three full rounds.

  • G Funk

    UFC should’ve scrapped Hendo/Shogun and put together Page/shogun in japan. UFC be slippin.

  • Reverend Clint

    hendo/shogun in japan and rampage vs overeem too

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    @CAP Rampage had FIVE whole rounds and couldn’t catch Griffin’s chin. Crazy


    They need to make Shogun – Rampage happen for the Japan card. I have zero interest in seeing Rampage and Forrest fight again.

  • CAP

    MMAdam my bad that’s right, crazy.

  • subo

    The thought of Rampage gassing en route to a decision loss intrigues me.

  • glassjawsh

    UFC 144

  • Grappo

    i’m bored with watching Rampage’s non-trigger pulling ass. 

  • Billytk

    I was a huge (Pride) Rampage fan but I have to agree with Grappo I’m getting bored of the new Quinton that has forgotten how to wrestle (Slam) and can’t seem to bring himself to pull the trigger on his offense unless there is a PERFECT opening

  • Grappo

    i hate to sound like a keyboard warrior, but if you’ve got a chin like Rampage, with the crazy power to back it up, you should be throwing down on dudes.  i think he could still be murderizing people if he just “regressed” a bit, or rather, played to his strengths.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Rampage deserves ‘payback?’  Against Forrest?  I can’t recall the last time I disagreed with ya, Cap, but I’ll definitely remember this time.

    If he’s available after this weekend, Shogun is the best option for Japanese appeal and a competitive fight we haven’t seen recently.  At least in that one Rampage has injury issues he can get some ‘payback’ for.

  • CAP

    ^That Forrest decision wasn’t a robbery but Page did dropped him during that fight, questionable decision imo.