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Rampage thinks the UFC cheated him on PPV cut

Quinton Jackson hasn’t been shy about listing the reasons he’s unhappy with the UFC. They disrespected him after his fight in Japan. They keep matching him up with boring wrestlers. They won’t let him wear his Reebok sponsor gear. They let Jon Jones kick people in the knee. And on and on and on with more issues every day. Here’s another one:

“People don’t know this, like the new fans, I left Pride back in the day when I felt like Pride wasn’t treating me right. I left them and they were the biggest show in the world around that time too. They weren’t treating me right, so I had to stand up for myself because I got to look at myself in the mirror. I rather go back to Memphis and have a regular life with my family and kids than let people take advantage of me. Tell me that my pay-per-view numbers did this number, and then tell the press pay-per-view numbers did higher, and I feel like I got cheated. I make less money. I feel like I went out there, put my life on the line, work hard, and [The UFC] cheated me out my pay-per-view numbers.” – Quinton Jackson via open media workouts

You may be quick to assume Rampage is just being paranoid (maybe the voices in the radio are feeding him bogus information again), but he isn’t the only guy to ever accuse the UFC of lowballing fighters on pay per view numbers. Randy Couture also complained that he thought he was getting short changed, and demanded an audit of the UFC’s PPV number claims back when he tried to walk away from the promotion to fight Fedor in Affliction. So maybe there’s more to this than just an eternally disgruntled employee complaining about nothing.

  • kvelertak

    Work hard? when did he work hard? haha

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    So now this is his story? He’d look a lot better if he had stated this from the get go instead of complaining about all the martial art mixing going on in mixed martial arts. Now it makes him seem full of shit.

  • drunkenjunk

    rampage should be grateful the ufc stuck with him after his road rage incident. pretty sure the ufc covered all of his legal fees on that one.

  • DSPTomK

    It’s plausible that the UFC is lying to fighters about PPV buys in order to short change them what is owed. It’s equally plausible that the UFC tells the fighters the actual buy-rate and then lies to the press about how much higher it is to sound like business is better than it is. Either way, Rampage isn’t going to get any share of PPV buys with any other organization. I hope he can feed his kids with all the “respect” he’ll be getting everywhere else.

  • pewnt

    I hope the UFC release his ppv #’s (like with Randy/affliction presser), then I hope they sue his dumb ass for slander.

    Quinton Jackson, another example of when keeping it real goes bad….

  • steve4192

    What a crock of shit.

    First off, fighters have audit rights on UFC PPV sales. They can have an independent auditor get all up in that shit and verify that their PPV cut is accurate.

    Second, the UFC doesn’t release PPV numbers to the press. The press (mainly Dave Meltzer) cooks those numbers up all on their own. The only time the UFC has released PPV numbers is during the Couture imbroglio.

  • frickshun

    He actin all stank ova nuthin