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Randy Couture summarized

User Thomas had this quote which I think sums up everyone’s general perception of Randy Couture’s position:

its not about the money its about the respect but it’s about the money but really not but by giving me money id be respected so its about the money but no I need to be respected so It’s not about the money


~Randy Couture

  • stellar53
  • intenso

    This whole subject is fucking stupid. Does Randy need more money to feed his family? No. So in that sense it is not about the money. But does the amount of money Randy makes in re: other fighters/his perceptions/whatever speak to the amount of RESPECT the company has for him?
    YES, it does.

    and quit posting user created content, lazy motherfucker.

  • Prozac For All

    LoL, great quote. I didn’t think I’d ever side with Dana White in an argument in a million years… until this. Randy thinks he’s going to be a big Hollywood star with roles like The Mummy 9 or whatever the crap he’s doing in South Africa. He beat an injured Big Tim and couldn’t finish him, then got a lucky headbut on an up-and-comer… IMO this guy doesn’t even deserve to fight Big Nog, nevermind the all-powerful omnipresent Fedor.

  • steve24

    I’m just waiting for his wife to divorce his ass and take all his shit and then Randy will be crawling back to Dana after realizing she was wearing the pants in the family.

  • Thomas

    I am now in fear for my life. I expect Xtreme Couture Goons to pay me a visit any second now. Hopefully I can hire Tait Fletcher to guard me.
    No one told me of the dangers of commenting at

  • kentyman

    Post intenso’s comment just to piss him off.

  • smoogy

    This is what happens when one man tries to fight a PR war against an army.

  • fightlinker

    He should have just shut his mouth and hired me.

  • hbdale309

    “Hopefully I can hire Tait Fletcher to guard me.”

    LOL. Isn’t a Tait that section between the balls and asshole?

  • marshal

    I thought that was called the “chubby”