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Randy Couture to Lose Access to UFC Corporate Jet Forever

Randy Couture and Dana White in happier times.

From the Department of People Pissing Off Dana White: 

Former UFC heavyweight and light-heavyweight king Randy Couture, who shucked the bonds of Octagon life to make such cinematic greats as The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior, The Expendables 2, and How to Marry and Divorce a Blonde in 30 Days, has just inked a deal with media giant Viacom and will appear on SpikeTV’s upcoming Bellator MMA reality show as a coach. Sherdog’s got some additional color:

The extent of Couture’s participation in Spike programming is not yet known, but he is expected to appear on the network outside of his obligations to Bellator’s reality show. This will not be the first MMA reality television show in which Couture has participated, as the decorated two-division UFC champion previously coached opposite Chuck Liddell in the inaugural “Ultimate Fighter” on Spike in 2005.

The details of Bellator MMA’s new reality show remain sparse – Are contestants going to be living a house? Hitchhiking across America? Will they fight on this? But what is known is that UFC president Dana White can’t be happy that Couture will be working for the UFC’s main competitor.

Also, curse words. Dana definitely said a lot of curse words.

  • Subo

    Lol. Dana says he ‘loves’ it.

  • Voice of Reason

    If Randy just kissed dana’s ass a bit he can work as the UFC’s new VP of Important-Sounding Work & Talent-Development-Regulations-Promotions

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Jim Genia in the house! Nice.

    He’s lending credibility to a competitor Dana’s actively trying to discredit. This sounds like a nail in his Dana-relations coffin. It could also hurt young XC fighters, methinks. I hope not, but it could.

  • mobius
  • kvelertak

    Hey, they gave Chuck and Farmboy squishy office jobs. Couture gotta eat too.

  • Letibleu

    Jim wrote his own hirement article, how cute.

  • raizor

    Best caption I’ve seen in ages! *backslap!*

  • Letibleu

    you mean holding a baby in front of a virgin sign?

  • frickshun

    Genia–>when the fuck are you inviting me to a smoker in Brooklyn?!

  • jim genia

    The next one is in the Bronx in a couple weeks. You down?

  • jim genia

    For the record, that’s my daughter that Randy is holding.

  • frickshun

    Genia–>I’m surely down. I’ll email you or s’thing….