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Rashad Evans ruins another main event

Sorry for the silence today, guys. I heard the news that Rashad Evans was tapped to replace Shogun against Liddell and I sunk into a deep depression from which there was barely any escape. It took Jake entering into my mind ala ‘The Cell’ to unravel the madness and bring me out of my funk.

And while the above story may or may not be true, the simple fact is this was some seriously shitty news to get this morning. I’d rather find rat shit in my coffee or a cockroach in my cereal. At least then I’d feel better about it after I brushed my teeth. But no. It had to be Rashad Evans fighting Chuck Liddell. That’s the kind of suck no amount of brushing or scrubbing can wash away.

And the funny thing is, I know I should be happy. Rashad Evans is going to get his head knocked off. While Jardine was more of a striker, Evans is a wrestler. AKA tailor made for Chuck to destroy. So why the hell am I upset? I just hate Rashad Evans that much.

Perhaps it’s that he embodies the problem with the UFC’s booking issues lately. Non-title cards are becoming more regular, and this will be the second time that Rashad is the wanker the UFC has tapped to headline a card. In my opinion, if it ain’t a belt fight, it better still be a huge fucking fight. And while Chuck Liddell matters, Rashad Evans certainly doesn’t.

  • FTRO

    Rashad Evans is a an overweight middleweight fighter. He’s too small and too unspectacular to perform well against the top tier of light heavyweight fighters. He may do well at middleweight, but even there, his one-dimensional wrestling gameplan is suspect against the division’s elite. The fact this manlet was fighting at heavyweight AND WON TUF is a joke.

  • marshal

    Time to make some money off a Rashad upset!

  • Xavier

    Rashad Evans sells PPV’s. Shogun Rua does not. This means people want to see Rashad Evans more than Shogun Rua. Pride fanboys must die!

    Fuck your cornflakes, son.

  • el feo

    you don’t want to see Rashad KTFO? what’s wrong with you? I can’t wait to see Chuck unleash those fists of fury.

  • fightlinker

    Xavier, you’re probably right, which just makes me want to kill myself even more.

  • Echolocating

    I’d pay money to see Rashad get his head fucking knocked off. I wonder though, would his body still run around for a while?

  • ajadoniz

    wut a horrid opponent for an ex-champ. but xavier is right, tuf boys get views… dana is a genius (sometimes)

  • Xavier

    “Xavier, you’re probably right, which just makes me want to kill myself even more.”

    Is now when I mention that Rashad will probably grind away a three round plodding decision over a disinterested Liddell?

  • fightlinker


  • beewheezy

    rashad by wife yell

  • Tanner

    hopefully this is free on spike.

    Xavier, god i hope not

  • Johnwall

    You guys are all overreacting.

    Rashad’s take down and pray tactics will not work with a knockout artist like Liddell, so at least we will see an exciting fight – Hell, maybe Rashad will kick it up a notch when he gets struck by the fear of the Iceman.

    Now, onto the Fedor and Randy rumors…

  • Big D

    Fightlinker thats my fucken thoughts exactly incredible

  • Zane

    Sad, sad day. I was looking forward to the Evans-Silva fight. I think Thiago Silva Vs. Chuck would be a great fight but we both know that would be hard to market. I am really scared Evans will find some ugly way to get a decision like he is known to do. I don’t care how it happens but Chuck needs this. When Chuck gets another shot at Rampage, assuming he gets thru Forrest, he will get his revenge and KO him. Once Chuck has the title I would love to see him fight Jardine so he can avenge all of his losses.

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss

    ‘Page will put the hands to Chuck in a 3rd fight. Its nothing against Chuck. Jackson is Liddell kryptonite.

  • Beau

    Hey, at least Evans gave us a great Salmon-related highlight. He nearly decapitated that man fish hybrid. They should have Sean Salmon fight Sean “Muscle Shark” Sherk for best fish in the UFC. Whoops, got off topic. Bitch and moan all you want Rashad is undefeated and has beaten some good fighters. He will have to bring a standup game, possibly follow the Jardine blueprint, if he wants to beat Chuck. I don’t see him getting any takedowns. Hell, Chuck might take him down.

  • Xavier

    “Hey, at least Evans gave us a great Salmon-related highlight. He nearly decapitated that man fish hybrid”

    Seriously, just for ending the career of Can o’ Salmon, Evans belongs in the UFC hall of fame.