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Redneck Jūdōka returns

I was very sad when my dream-friend Stephan Bonnar got taken off the UFC Fight Night 13 card. But the UFC has proven that they still have the ability to turn my frown upside down – well, sometimes. Other times they like to kick me in the nuts and call it a favor. But this time they’ve done good: they’ve replaced Bonnar with redneck judo fatty Tim Boetsch.

Not since Houston ‘Conehead’ Alexander has there been such excitement over some dude we barely know anything about. At the moment all I know is he’s got a fast kick for a fat fuck and a mean toss which looks like it was adapted from loading hay on the farm. Oh, and he got laid on for three rounds by the IFL’s shitty LHW champ Vladimir Matyushenko. I actually saw that fight (just a fluke, I swear I’m not a closet IFL freak) and while the dude needs to work his cardio and takedown defence, there’s not all that much shame in getting the blanket from someone with Vladdy’s resume.

So it’s definitely going to be an interesting fight. I know I said I’d give Matt Hamill some respect if he beat Michael Bisping, and I have! Just not that much. We still haven’t seen Hamill against anyone who can beat the tar outta him. In fact, I seem to remember him spazzing whenever someone hit him too hard during practice on TUF. Boetsch has won 6 out of 7 fights with his fists. So I guess we’ll see if Boetsch can win with his striking advantage or if Hamill can pull a repeat of what Matyushenko did.

  • Lifer

    The Janitor may not be the most exciting fighter out there but he has the mma game down quite well. He adapts very well to opponents and uses his grappling to decision people silly.

  • frickshun

    He may get the win but I definitely don’t want to watch him doing it.

  • frickshun

    (I was referring to the Janitor). BOETSCH FOR MAYOR.

  • Lifer

    im afraid he’s going to get laid on personally.. snoozer of a fight. matt hamill needs to go back to swinging full-time.


    Boetsch is going to front kick Hamill’s face off and it will be glorious. JKD fighters FTW!