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Regular posting returns Monday

Hey everyone, just writing a quick thing to let you know that uber-regular posting will return on Monday. This week has been pretty busy on account of my family being in the country, so I haven’t been able to do much site wise. And since I’m THE writer as opposed to part of a committee of writers like most other MMA sites, it’s pretty fucking obvious when I’m not chained to my desk for 12 hours a day blogging. But worry not! The shackles return on Monday, and you don’t have to worry that Fightlinker is going anywhere or anything. Rest assured that the lack of posts has been driving me just as insane as you, and I’m looking forward to a return to business as usual.

  • Captain

    Oh noes! The rents are tryin to make you get a real job.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)


  • Jemaleddin

    Hello? Take on some other writers, jack-ass. Kentyman? Kentyman……? Anybody?

  • EdenMachine

    It was weird because I was at work a couple of days ago and there wasn’t a single new post and my initial reaction was “WTF?? Where’s my MMA news…” and then I immediated switched to “… oh yeah, Ryan’s parents are in town. I wonder how it’s going. Are they browbeating about no job? Is he showing them his anus? Are they seeing the sights in Canada…” lol Then I realized I was being caring and thoughtful about a douche-blogger (who I secretly love with all my heart but eff him – I’ll never say it out loud).


  • Stellar53

    I swear I have heard you say the same things before

  • JYAG

    Enough of your lame ass excuses, you douche bag

  • pauli

    i like how even ryan ignores jake and kentyman.

  • kentyman


  • Jersey Tomato

    So what am I supposed to do for my mindless MMA entertainment this weekend?? You blow.

    I hope your in-laws disown you, you worthless piece of Canadian dung.

    I mean that affectionately, of course. (Not quite as affectionately as EdenMachine who has me slightly concerned…)

  • Dangerfield

    Look what you’ve done.

  • garth

    dude, if you want mindless offensive MMA coverage they should let me do the front page updates. i would type them with my ass.

  • x5BoltMainx

    Thank baby jesus smell-o-vision isn’t a reality.

  • Nachtfalter

    Good to see your parents didn’t eat you or anything. I hope we get two Low Blows over the next week to make up for completely forsaking us those past few days.

  • esther

    (nice one garth)
    eh, well in the meantime everyone should just go to

    Seriously, by Monday I will have declared my allegiance to another MMA blog or started my own — of solely ring girls’ butts.

  • kentyman

    Wait, that’d be something different.

  • pauli

  • ajadoniz

    i guess i’ll just catch up on my masturbating this weekend.

  • Zane

    Ryan how about lettin a reader once a week write a piece for the site, we email them to you and u choose which one u want to post. I mean i know u want all the glory but let us get in on da actioN!

  • JoshMan

    First off, I’m drunk.(Rare occassion) If the the UFC or you ever come to Omaha, I will beat the living shit out of you. Fucking Midwestwest stylez. So eat a fat Canadian cock you piece of dogshit.

  • Mark

    A day without Fightlinker is like a day without sunshine… :(

  • jakey

    what a fucking cop-out

  • clint notestine

    you’ve forced me to read multiple back stories on sherdog and now I have a virus.

  • andres

    God danm weekend was gay without you fucker had to stand at church sellin icecream reading about roy nelson and how he’ll never break into the top 5!

  • Boshy Claus

    Cant wait till your frog-ass parents go back to France…

  • clint notestine

    Im surprised they lasted this long in Canadia without surrendering.

  • Boshy Claus

    Yeah Sherdog gave me VD once, that slut.

  • Airipsus

    fightlinker’s mom, can ryan come out to plaaaayyyyyaayyy

  • Joon4s

    It’s already monday in Finland. Where’s my posts!? I’ve been so bored that I have downloaded old podcasts, I just finished Low Blow 10.


    They’re probably regretting having him and he can’t get internet reception from his mother’s womb.

  • MarleyMarl

    Shit it’s been monday in Australia for hours >.

  • Swedish guy

    It’s almost tuesday goddammit!

  • Jersey Tomato

    Fightlinker is struggling to break out of the well-mannered caring son-in-law mode. I bet he is wondering where he left his balls.

  • clint notestine

    I bet Jake re-aggravated Ryan’s ass thats why they’ve away.

  • JohnMatrix

    Where’s the damn podcast from last week? I love listening to it while I’m on the machines at the gym.

  • fightlinker

    Last week’s podcast is up, and things are rolling as usual. Really sorry about last week boys and girls. I’ll do my best to make sure that kinda situation doesn’t happen again. I appreciate the work jake and kentyman did covering for me and you guys for sticking around in the meantime