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Reminder! Last chance to win a copy of Tapped Out

Tomorrow at noon we’re wrapping up our contest for Matthew Polly’s new book Tapped Out. The challenge we issued was simple: take this picture of Matt and photoshop the hell out of it. Okay, originally we said paste it into an MMA photo but we’ve gotten so many random submissions I’m saying screw that, anything goes. Including transexual midget porn romos. Here’s some of the submissions so far. Got one of your own? Send it to me at or include it in this post’s comments! Get yours in by tomorrow noon for a chance to win a copy of Matt’s new book!




  • glassjawsh

    joan butters makes me laugh every damned time….

  • scissors61

    Genki Sudo one is epic

  • iamphoenix

    wooooooooooooo i fucking lawl everytime i see all these.

  • Letibleu

    I’m done, ill stick with what is already in. Too tired from work to get my brain to muster up anything. My next go for fun was gonna be a play on the resemblance of Polly’s face to this gentleman:

    in case anyone is in the mood to run with it.


  • frickshun

    Phoenigga–>when you win & it’s exposed that you don’t read good, send me the book & I’ll send you some homemade cookies. No foolin’

  • Letibleu

    Forgot to upload this one a few days ago.

  • iamphoenix

    forgot, or made really really quick son of a bitch!!!! i got my eye on you…

  • frickshun

    Leti–>that’s a good one. Subtle, but good.

  • matthewpolly

    you guys are fantastic and my publicist is over the moon about this. whoever pulled out that photo to do the steven seagal one is genius.

  • CAP

    ^I agree

  • frickshun

    ^^Cap, he doesn’t need any more friends. HE ALREADY HAS ME!!

  • Jarman

    wow…so impressed. still gonna try my shaky hand at this. definitely lulz here those, I got no hope. the genki n bloodsport ones….yeah. fat guy? hilarious.

    Unfortunately, my stepdad wandered into my doorway asking ‘what’re you looking at?’ right as I was on penix’s. I tried to explain, but really, how the fuck do you explain that? I got a look weirder than if i’d been looking at brazilian midget fart porn.

  • Grappo

    i no good at shooping :(

  • iamphoenix

    mr jarman, you talking about the hulk-borg? and hyan fightrinker totally lied to us. This reminds me of my childhood and all the promises my dad never fulfilled that son of a bitch.

    I just at a whole box of vegetables because of you… :(

  • Jarman

    fuck! it wasn’t a hulkbuttchin? I’m wrong again…..and each time I look at that, new layers pop out…..the shakeweight, the future mrs fightlinker……and wtf is dangling from polly’s balls? epic. Like a ‘Darkside of the Moon” of photoshoops.

  • Letibleu



  • iamphoenix

    it’s a justin bieber doll hanging from nyan pollys balls. the pillow that they’re standing on is from Frick’s other win stuff contest…the seal with a decapitated Ewan Mcgregor head is Gina Carano from Haywire…and that’s Sad fedor with Joan Butters in the background..on top of hipster glasses wearing hulk-cyborg’s head is Hugh Jackman from Real Steal.