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Reminder: You suck at drawing

Is there any better way to start the day than to be reminded of how little talent you have? Normally I leave that up to my girlfriend or my mother, but this morning I was reminded by reader ‘scritch’, who sent me some awesome drawings he did based on this weekend’s EliteXC show. Go check out his art blog, it’s worth digging through if you want to realize how bad you are at art compared to him.

  • stellar53

    Your new site looks great fightlinker……

  • Vee

    Cool! THANKS for the drop! Oh btw, it’s Vee (Scratch). Hopefully I’ll have more crap posted soon.

  • dignan

    Nice photos…but Diaz should be bloody as hell and giving everyone the finger.

  • Jonathan

    No…Diaz should be hitting some cameraman or punching his sister.

  • intenso

    Diaz looks like Link.

  • Asa

    That Kimbo is awesome Vee! I also loved (and agree with) I’m So Fly. Its also neat seeing some of your old stuff and seeing the growth.

  • nem0

    Dude, tight art. Makes me want to draw more. ;)

  • stellar53

    How about some caricatures of the Fightlinker boys?

  • fightlinker

    haha … the day there’s fightlinker fan art is the day i set this shit up like a cult.

  • intenso

    I’d join your cult.

  • LR Baiser

    You have a girlfriend?!

    Nice site redesign, btw.