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REPOST: Evan Tanner making headlines again

October 5, 2007 – 3:22 pm by fightlinker

So what if it’s The Log, ‘SoCal’s #1 Boating and Fishing Newspaper’? Evan Tanner gets some press and we get to see a picture of his boat sunk in the harbor. Everyone else on the internet is all “Oh, poor Evan, blah blah blah”. Hey, I’ll give him some sympathy when it comes to his personal demons but his retarded boating misadventures are totally fair game. And it could be worse – a few months back we here at Fightlinker were expecting Evan to go down with the ship and never be heard from again.

What surprises me the most about this article is how well researched it is. Not only did these guys figure out who’s boat this was, the reporter followed up and read through Evan Tanner’s mad ramblings to get the skinny on why the fuck he left it in the bay. It was also nice of him to leave out a lot of the more salacious details of the whole affair. In short, I nominate this unknown writer to replace Kevin Iole at Yahoo Sports.

  • Novi

    there soulhd be no doubt that vitor soulhd be number 3 if not 2 him and chael are the only real contenders. lmao at anyone whi thinks munoz is unstopable he got rocked and almost finished by damian mia of all people and he got knocked CLEAN out by matt hammit haha some of you people make me laugh. munoz may be good coach but he is a shit fighter. This list shows BJ penn is not as good as sherdog

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