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December 27, 2007 – 5:37 pm by fightlinker

Word is that Evan Tanner’s comeback opponent will be none other than Yushin Okami AKA the world’s most boring fighter in the universe ever. I know Tanner is always saying we have to ‘believe in the power of one’, but Yushin Okami believes in the power of holding you down with superior wrestling and grinding out the most boring decisions this side of Sean Sherk.

This is just like Aliens vs Predator 2 all over again. I get all hyped up thinking something is going to rock and then God throws a monkey wrench into things and totally wrecks what I thought was an unwreckable concept. And just like Hollywood somehow managed to fuck up Aliens fighting Predators on Earth, the UFC is now setting shit up to fuck up Evan Tanner’s comeback. How can they do this? It’s practically obscene. They need to be stopped.

  • Manash

    I also imagine Silva is going to fuck up Sonne and we will see a moliiln individuals nut hugging Silva yet again. He is still the most effective inside globe even right after his last fight, he is just a single weird ass fighter.

  • klpohmkin

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