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The results of the Roxy vs Jessica fight…

Last night the Roxanne Modafferi vs Jessica Rakocszy fight aired on TUF, and while Roxy won the first round on ground control and aggressive submission attempts, the second round didn’t go as well:

I was pleased I got her down a few times, but between the first and second round, I felt the strength strangely leaving my body.  She rocked me a few times in round two.  Miesha had told me get one take down, so I stupidly and doggedly rushed at her when we got close, thinking if I could just get it, things would work out. It didn’t.

When the ref stopped the fight due to her holding the fence, I thought he was calling it her win, so I screamed “I’m okay! I’m okay!”  When he brought her over to the side, I still had no idea what was going on, but my legs felt like lead. He then said “GO,” so I went.

Then the irony of the slam.  I hate the powerbomb.  My Achilles heel.  Ever since I had lost my Strikeforce title shot to Kaufman by the powerbomb slam in 2010, I swore it’d never happen again.  Part of the reason my loss tore me up so much was that this is the second time.  I swore I’d just let go of her before I got lifted. Actually, earlier in the fight I felt her lifting a few times, so I let go.  I don’t know what came over me to hold on. When I realized I was up in the air, it was too late.  After it happened, I wanted to get up. My head was spinning, but my inner voice said, ‘Just get up. Get up.  Go after her.’ I tried to keep fighting, but was too dizzy to stand, so the ref called it.

Fighters step on other fighter’s dreams in order to reach their own. I’m glad that if I had to give up my dream of being ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ at least it was to a great person like her.  I mentioned myself being a ‘vet,’ but she’s a ‘vet’ in her sport of boxing, too.  It’s disrespectful to not think of her as a veteran.

I haven’t achieved perfection of my technique yet.   I want to be a master at my art.  So I’m going keep going hard.  Always get back up. It’s so easy to stay down.  It’s so hard to get back up again.  When you do hard things, physically, mentally, or emotionally, you grow.

I let down the people who love me and support me.  But I think those same people would be sadder to see me stay down.  So I’ll smile and promise to do my best.

When you do something hard or painful, you grow, but you can’t tell until some time passes.

”The heart is what makes you a champion.” ~Jessica Rakoczy

I think I prefer to keep my Ultimate Fighters at a comfortable mocking distance so when they get defeated by power slam it doesn’t hit you right in the feels. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, steal a Tivo or headbutt the internet so you can get it. A shitty recap and 30 second FOX highlight doesn’t do this week’s show justice. I do have a couple gifs and a Canadian-friendly video for you after the jump though.


The slam. The terrible, brain rattling slam.

Roxy trying to get up and keep fighting, but she was done.

  • SteelBreeze

    Ref was abysmal: warning Rakocszy after the second fence-grab that he would take away a point if she did it again, and then when she did it again to stop a takedown issuing her a…stern warning. Modafferi was finished after that slam more or less yet the ref let the fight continue – look at that last gif where she tries to get up but flops – the fight was over but the ref lets her eat another brutal shot to the face.

  • CAP

    Damn nice try Roxy I felt for you.

    I thought that stoppage was horrible too. Roxy looked done after that slam and the ref just stood around waiting for the follow up that wasn’t necessary. It looked like Jessica didn’t even want to give her more as it was pretty much a wrap. I would be curious if Roxy felt the stoppage was late but usually the fighter wants every chance to continue.

    I’m sure we’ll see her on a UFC card in the future anyway!

    I also think this show is going to change a lot of peoples opinions of Ronda. Angry crazy beotch.

  • agentsmith


  • SteelBreeze

    Yeah real effective coaching from Rousey, “Why the fuck are you jumping into her guard?!”

  • drunkenjunk

    Nice fight roxy, the result sucked but you’ll bounce back.

  • Jason

    I’ve been a Roxy fan for a long time. But looking at how her character was so highly regarded that not a one of her castmates had anything negative to say about her, and looking at how she handled her loss . . .

    Damn. Roxy’s now officially my hero.

  • Melkonis

    Roxy still rules them all.

  • Jess H

    I thought it was really funny when Rousey was screaming “Why the fuck would you jump into her guard.” Interesting fight, boxing champ vs a jiu jitsu champ. I didn’t feel as though Roxy had the speed she needed to keep up. After she got slammed she slowed way down and she started talking it looked like. Crazy, can’t wait for the next one.

  • Chortles

    I’m not surprised by Rousey’s screaming “Why the fuck would you jump into her guard” — especially when she was telling Rakocszy to stand; not only was Rakocszy pegged as a striker but it seems that Rousey had/has a belief in NOT going to the ground UNLESS doing so in dominant/superior position… i.e. on account of slamming the hell out of your opponent.

  • jjdnb

    great fight Roxi! You’ll get the next one