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Rich Bergeron: 1 / Greasy Xyience Bitch: 0

If you’ve ever wondered what being sued for 25 million dollars sounds like, here’s what it sounds like. Rich Bergeron taped the entire court proceeding yesterday regarding Xyience’s lawsuit against him and put it up on his site. I have to admit, it is perhaps the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard.

If you’re going to listen to this, skip forward to about 5 minutes in to where Rich gets his turn to go off on the Xyience lawyer for trying to fuck him over on technicalities. Up until this point, I thought Bergeron was a bit of a weirdo. Actually I still think he’s a bit strange. But his balls in the face of this crazy lawsuit have me firmly on his side.

Now if only he’d let somebody hook him up with a website that didn’t look like Myspace and Geocities had a retarded flipper baby together. I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but it was the ‘cover’ aka his website that made me think there was no way he could be right about everything. But what can I say? I’ve been burned before.

  • Atom

    Xyience’s lawyer pronounces it “ZI-honts”. That doesn’t rhyme with science at all.

    and Is that last site you linked for REALLY old people or the legally blind? Everything would have probably fit on one screen if it wasn’t in size 80 font.

  • dulljake

    dude. you are committing word murder…

  • terrence halladay

    The judge said Xyience’s lawyers have to RECEIVE the motion to dismiss within five business days, not that he has to FILE it within five business days. That means the shipping method has to be pretty fast.

  • terrence halladay

    I also lol at nobody in the court even being able to answer the basic question of whether Xyience’s three-day notice back in October meant it was “three business days” or “three total days.” Nobody ever answered that question.

    If it was “three total days,” that’s a pretty sneaky asshole thing to do because the three-day notice was on a Friday and he would have had to had the response WRITTEN, SENT, RECEIVED, AND FILED between Friday and Monday. How the hell would he do that? Hand delivery by single-engine propeller plane to a court system that wasn’t even open on the weekend?

  • Atom

    Was that at me? ZI-honts? Did you listen to it?

  • terrence halladay

    I just got to the end of the sound file and boy oh boy did that judge get his panties in a bunch at the end. and then he just ended the whole hearing abruptly. that kind of behavior makes me think he’s the kind of judge who might just rule against someone completely if they piss him off.

    putting aside the judge’s bad temper, why on earth is a case involving Xyience being presided over by a judge who lists on his web site among his major contributors “Station Casinos” aka the Fertittas aka the same people whose money is running Xyience and has been for a long time? if the case between Xyience and Bergeron involves claims about the Fertittas’ invovement or lack of involvement in Xyience’s affairs, why would the judge not recuse himself from the case?

  • dulljake

    Atom, you must read Time Cube, you’ve been educated stupid!

  • Atom

    Its something about religious beliefs, right? I prefer to decide on those for myself, uninfluenced. (i’m actually writing this from my seat in a World Religions & Global Ethics class.)

    Besides, my beef was with the font, not the content.
    But now that I read A LITTLE bit more of it.. I also take issue with the grammar. It reads like it has been put through an online translator and back 4 times over.

  • dulljake

    dude, time cube is fucking timeless! He’s a self described “Wisest Human”. How can you hate a guy who wants every educator killed for teaching cubelessness?

  • fightlinker

    Time cube is the shit. I don’t know if it’s better than Russell Pike’s wife embezzling millions through a fake t-shirt scam, but it’s pretty good

  • Atom

    Well excuse me for shitting on your favorite website, guys. Perhaps you could translate this juciy nugget of wisdom for me, cuz i don’t what the fuck he’s getting at:

    “If you would acknowledge simple existing math proof that 4 harmonic corner days rotate simultaneously around squared equator and cubed Earth, proving 4 Days, Not 1Day,1Self,1Earth or 1God that exists only as anti-side. This page you see – cannot exist without its anti-side existence, as +0- antipodes. Add +0- as One = nothing. ”

    Is some “good athiest” thing?

  • fightlinker

    Just explaining why i don’t trust websites with poor design, because i trusted Timecube and IT TURNED OUT TO BE A LIE! C

    heck out timecube on wikipedia for the skinny.

  • Rich Bergeron

    When I get my own $300 an hour attorney fees paid for in this case I promise to do a complete re-design folks. I think the hearing went well for me yesterday, and despite the fact that the judge got pissed at the end, I think he was just trying to be fair. I mean, I was kicking her ass by the end of it, and he had to throw her a bone. I really wanted the February 14th hearing to go ahead as scheduled, but an 11-day buffer zone is not so bad. As far as the judge’s situation with Station Casinos, it’s my ticket to an appeal if I should happen to lose. I’m perfectly happy keeping him on the case. After all, if I can win him over any appeal by the other side will disintegrate like a fart in the wind. I had a feeling that the new lawyer had no idea what she was getting into from the very beginning. She kept trying to tell the judge she tried to help me. Well, that’s the biggest load of bull I ever heard. She sent me a letter that could be considered verbal abuse and included no advice whatsoever except to tell me to read the rules of procedure. I told her to worry about her own client and start thinking about drawing up a settlement. I don’t care what kind of background as a lawyer she has. If she can’t even pronounce her client’s name properly, how much can she really know about this case? And if she’s that stressed about getting me to pay her $300 an hour going rate for her harrowing experience at court yesterday, you know when she gets the almost 200 pages of filings I’m sending out today she’s going to have a conniption. At this rate, by the time Xyience is done trying to railroad me for something I didn’t do, they’ll have spent as much on attorney fees as they owe in sponsorships to all those fighters on their Web-site who say they want nothing to do with the company anymore because they’re still owed over $100,000 collectively. I hope nobody feels sorry for Ms. Lawson, though. I warned her in no uncertain terms that I would beat her at her own slick games, and she knew going in that the previous attorney didn’t get paid. She was practically begging to take the case at the last attorney’s withdrawal hearing. She was like a groupie at a rock concert trying to get an autograph. Now she’s realizing that the picture of the lead singer she got was actually signed by a roadie.

  • Accomando

    Thanks for the link to, WOW!

    If anyone was wondering it was like to read a psychotic diatribe from a Schizophrenic, please visit the, and don’t stop at the first page.

    It is some of the most hillarious shit I have ever read ever!

    You guys are all EVIL snot brains if you don’t go the site, you snot brains, non cubical-thinking mo-fo’s!

  • RoB

    yeah! hell yeah! fight the power

  • dulljake

    atom isn’t sold, but that’s cuz he’s trying to make sense of it. That is not the point of the site! It’s to see just how messed up a human mind can be!

  • terrence halladay

    A couple friendly bits of advice for Rich Bergeron in this case:

    1) Don’t ever start talking when the judge is talking or you’re just going to piss him off, and we all heard how pissed off he can get for no good reason

    2) Don’t send notes to the Xyience attorneys about how you’re going to beat them in court, etc. That kind of thing cannot help you and can only potentially hurt you, there’s no reason for it.

    Otherwise, keep doing what your doing and keep fighting the good fight.

  • fightlinker

    I disagree on point 2. In fact, I offered to write a series of nasty notes to include on the post-it notes mailed to the lawyer.
    Psychological warfare.

  • Rich Bergeron

    Psych ops! I beat you to it, Mr. Fightlinker! I outdid your suggestion.

    As much as I pissed off the judge in the end, the hearing WAS confusing for the layman in me. Most mind-boggling of all, however, was the claim that the plaintiff’s (xyaahnce’s) attorney “tried to help me.”

    I sent her a post it note shaped like an M (short for “MINE”/OWNED) on top of just short of 200 pages of filings she said she never got and I know were filed and served properly. It’s the only break she caught Thursday morning in the City of Sin. On the post it note I wrote something to the effect of: “let me know if you need any “help” with help underlined. I also added a tiny smily face. Short but sweet.

    She wanted me to pay for the future of her own puddle of snots her client thinks can actually make a case. You know that old song “Personality?” Replace every mention of the word Personality in that song with technicality, and then you have Pamela Lawson’s favorite song that was never written. Where’s Weird Al Yankovich when you need him.

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