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Rich Bergeron sells out!

For those of you who don’t have totally sweet memory like I do, Rich Bergeron is that guy everyone called a crackpot who spent a whole lot of time and energy on proving that Xyience was nothing but a front for screwing over investors.

After a good year or so of Rich’s nagging and reporting, Xyience decided they were gonna sue Rich for fucking their shit up. But now it seems like Rich and Xyience are on the brink of kissing and making up. From Rich’s website:

I just returned from an all expenses paid trip to UFC 78 courtesy of Xyience, Incorporated. This is the same company with a lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada that seeks $25 million from me. My trip provided several revelations that will come out soon. During the time I have been “off the radar” with my writing because of this case serious developments have been dropping like atom bombs. I refrained from writing about them due to this case, but the complete truth is starting to emerge.

I may not have had all the facts in the past. I will now accomplish a much further probe into the activities at Xyience. The new in-depth Xyience investigation will report whatever I discover and outline all the new players. Xyience has always been a good company at heart, and I have always wanted to make sure the name and the brand could persevere without the interruption of all the questionable activity at the heart of my series.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be a compelling continuation of this series.

Well howdy! What a change an all expense paid trip to UFC78 will make. Props to Rich for starting the post out with full disclosure. On the other hand, jeez! Talk about sleeping with the enemy. It’s not like Rich was at the top of my list of objective journalists … in fact, he was somewhere down there with Kevin Iole and those ‘MMA Scoops’ guys. But still … how we’re going to buy all this stuff when it looks like Rich is on the Xyience gravy train is beyond me.

But hey … I gotta hand it to Rich. He spent a long time shitting on Xyience and is finally getting something other than a big lawsuit for it. I can only hope we here at Fightlinker get some of that sweet sweet hush money too someday!

  • Lifer

    I feel bad no one has commented but I will say Xyience is complete garbage as a product and a company.

  • Xavier

    Poor Bergeron. The worst thing is that he was likely right. Xyience has been duping investors for a really long time. The guys that run it have been pilfering money and stockpiling it away while the company itself bleeds money. As long as there’s someone to put money into it, those scam artists will line their pockets. Sooner or later though, they’ll run out of investors and then thankfully we won’t have to deal with their bullshit advertising anymore.

  • Rich Bergeron

    Hey guys, I don’t know whether to say thanks or WTF? There’s no kissing and making up going on right now, but they did certainly try to buy me off and admitted they thought I’d settle for $5,000. I said no dice to that. There are investors on both sides of the current infighting now asking me for help. We now have a situation in which some of the new investors are trying to bankrupt the company from what I see. My work is far from done. The case is still in court, and I have evidence to show the entire piece of litigation is a fraud. I’ll be writing a piece later today explaining everything.

  • dulljake

    Hey Rich,

    If they thought 5,000 dollars was enough, they really must be in financially dire straights

  • Mr. Theplague

    Wow, this is getting all John Grisham-y.

  • Terrence Halladay

    everything that sellout bergeon reported ended up being true. this is from a article:

    Xyience is currently subject to a Desist and Refrain Order issued by the California Department of Corporations on Sept. 10, 2007, for the fraudulent business practices of Xyience founder and former CEO Russell Craig Pike.

    The Desist and Refrain Order obtained by contains a laundry list of allegations against the company and Pike: selling $2.1 million of stock to California residents without the state’s authorization; making material misrepresentations to investors regarding pending litigation and the prior business success of Pike; failure to disclose a default judgment against Pike for writing bad checks; failure to disclose signed confessions of judgment in an action involving Pike’s former business venture, Advanced Cart Technology (ACT), for using false pretenses, false representations, and fraud to convince investors to invest in the company; failure to disclose a prior guilty plea to bank fraud, money laundering, and aiding and abetting in connection with ACT, resulting in a sentence of 59 months in a federal prison, three years of supervised release and a restitution order for $2,367,146; failure to disclose ACT bankruptcy proceedings; failure to disclose a prior prison sentence for grand theft and forgery.

  • Terrence Halladay

    and dont forget that dumb zuffa fanboy dave metzler also reported that xyience was kept alive recently by a 12 MILLION cast investment from lorenzo fertitta and frank fertitta

  • Rich Bergeron

    Thanks for getting my back there Terrence. Just to clear things up I wrote another piece with a thanksgiving theme:

  • Mr. Theplague

    Holy fuck, are you trying to make my eyes bleed with that site? That is the shittiest site design I’ve EVER seen. You just need some shrill midi music now to complete it.

  • robnashville

    “admitted they thought I’d settle for $5,000. I said no dice to that. ”

    No dice to the idea of settling? or just the amount of $5k? Is there some magic number they can slide across the table that will have you changing your tune? From the tone of that new post, seems like they have, but i will keep an open mind on your reportage.

  • Rich Bergeron

    I’ll settle for a million dollars, structured if necessary. Not a penny less considering what I’ve gone through.

  • kentyman

    “Everybody has a price.”

    Where the fuck is Ted Dibiase when you need him?

  • Rich Bergeron

    I never sold out on anything in my pursuit of the truth in this story. See and