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Rich Franklin interviewed by 15 year old girl

Here’s one of the first interviews with the former middleweight champ since his weak performance against Yushin Okami. You’ll be happy to know that instead of asking anything pertinent regarding that fight, the interviewer decided to ask about a bunch of dumb garbage: What are some of your favorite movies?

Rich Franklin: Braveheart is my favorite movie. I would have to put Old School or Wedding Crashers as my top comedies, but I don’t care much for horror movies. What are your favorite burger/pizza places?

Rich Franklin: My favorite pizza place is a family owned restaurant here in Cincy called Big Dog’s. I eat burgers so infrequently, I am just happy to eat one.

Hard hitting shit. Hard. Hitting. Shit.

  • Archivist

    Dang, those smashing revelations had me totally twirling the phone cord while i was telling my best friend forever Kimberly about it, even if she insists that Diego Sanchez is ,like, so totally hotter.

  • fightlinker

    Diego gave me staph in my vagina

  • Mike O

    what the hell, hooters and the creationist museum? which is he? titty lover or fundy christian? THEY ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE

  • fightlinker

    And God said “Let there be overpriced wings with bad service, but bountiful busts for all”

  • Adam Morgan

    Is it just me or does MMA News pretty much suck balls?

  • fightlinker

    They were one of the first websites I ever went to for news so I’ll always think fondly of them. But this interview was whack, yo.

  • Matt – UFCtakedown

    I’m surprised Franklin’s wife even let him step foot in a Hooters.
    Adam don’t mark out on me, we know how much you LOVE Ace.

  • Adam Morgan

    I don’t know why GOD let Franklin in Hooters.