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Rich Franklin is a dumbfuck

I was praying this wasn’t true when I heard about it on the web, but a little research proved it was so: Rich Franklin believes in creationism. Rich Franklin, who was a fucking teacher. Rich Franklin, who the UFC drags out every time they want to prove fighters are smart. MMA’s representative of Smarts believes in Creationism. I have never had a problem with religious fighters … it’s really none of my business. But Creationism is one of those extensions of religion that really pisses me off, not just because it’s wrong but because it’s so completely stupid. I could go on for hours, but I guess we’ll just wait until the next radio show to give Mr Franklin a piece of my properly functioning mind.

This hurts my head.

  • Jonathan

    I too believe in Creationism. Go Rich!

  • fightlinker

    Creationism just blows my mind.

  • Jonathan

    It blows alot of people’s mind I am sure. For those who believe in it, they (including myself) believe that God could do something like that. That is what I believe. To those that don’t believe, I can see how it would appear to be bull malarky.

  • Dan

    Well, there’s a difference between believing God *could* do something like that — and believing that millions of years of evidence isn’t real.

    Sure, God could do that. But anyone with even the smallest amount of intellect knows that the world isn’t a couple thousand years’ old, which is what Creationism suggests.

  • Jonathan

    Let me take you one step further from *could* to *did*. I believe that God did create the world and man as we see it today…i.e. we didn’t evolve from monkeys. Also, I believe that God does things that neither I nor you could understand or comprehend, so I realize there are things out there that I won’t ever understand.

    And Dan, I like to believe that I have more then the “smallest amount of intellect”…working on a degree in Political Science and getting ready for a graduate program. Now I know that going to college doesn’t give someone intellect, but I am pretty sure I have the required amount.

  • intenso

    We didn’t evolve from monkeys, no. I’d suggest you take a physical anthropology class at whatever college you go to.

  • Jonathan

    Closest thing that we have that I know if is called Social Anthropology. Probably not the same thing. But I am not trying to make a point here or trying to sway anyone’s beliefs. I am just standing up for what I believe in.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah i’d say there’s very little chance that anyone’s going to convince anyone of anything. Considering all the dumb opinions I have, I’m willing to you you one. If ya wanna do more interesting readin on the topic of God and religion and atheism, check out my podcast partner in crime’s page . His article on the creationist museum was actually referenced by

  • Jonathan

    Perhaps it is too early to say so, but I would like to commend and those that have posted thus far in keeping the discussion about such an averse topic on the usual up and up. I think we all handled it quite well.

  • Jemaleddin

    Jonathan has the ultimate evidence: he believes that God could do whatever he wants! Hooray! Close down the labs, boys, science will forever be based on what Jonathan believes! Get rid of those fancy cars – if God wanted us to drive, he would have created us with wheels (like the Angels – Ezekiel 1:16)!

    Of course, since what Jonathan believes conflicts with the evidence around us, the only logical conclusion is that this God person is trying to trick us into believing the wrong thing. Jonathan, why would God lie to us? If the earth is only 6,000 years old, why can we see the light from stars in our own galaxy that are 100,000 light years away? Did God hang all those photons in the sky to fake us out?

    I have a new idea: no flu shots for people who don’t believe in evolution. I mean, the only reason you need a new one every year is that the flu bug has evolved to be resistant to the old shots, so if you don’t believe in evolution, why would you want protection against it?

  • intenso

    The flu doesn’t “evolve,” it mutates.

    And I never get flu shots anyway because I don’t believe in the flu. It’s a government conspiracy.

  • Jonathan

    Let me retract my previous post and just say that I am sorry if anyone has a problem with my personal beliefs or those of Rich Franklin. Last I checked, I never tried to force anyone to believe what I do. Nor can I know or test the knowledge of God, so I couldn’t help you out much there. Jemaleddin, I am sorry tht you feel the way that you do towards me, but I’m not going to get in an argument over it.

  • Jemaleddin

    Mutates, eh? How, exactly, would you describe the creation of new features in an existent species? And what would you call it if that mutation allowed a species to change in a way that made it more likely to reproduce?

    No offense, but random mutation + natural selection = evolution, chum. =-)

  • intenso

    Evolution is changing into something else. The flu is still the flu. The strains mutate which is why they have to put out a new flu shot every year (in limited supply…get yours now!). But it’s still the flu.
    100 years ago it was the flu. It did the same shit. It hasn’t added new features. It doesn’t make you bleed from your eyes. It doesn’t have power steering or automatic windows.

    Unless I have no fucking idea what I’m talking about. Which is pretty likely.

  • Dan

    Jonathan — so it safe to assume that you don’t believe in dinosaurs, the Egyptian pyramids, stars — or even ancient fossils, for that matter?

    They’re all older than 2,000 years.

    I guess that’s where I don’t understand how people can completely discount evolution and the age of the planet and universe.

  • Jonathan

    Dan.It’s not safe to assume that I don’t believe in dinosaurs. I do. I also believe in the Egyptian pyramids…unless a whole heck of alot of people have been telling me one heck of a lie. I can see the stars…not sure they are…always been told that they are the suns of very distant solar systems…huge balls of gas that give off big amounts of everything. I believe in fossils for that matter…I found a cool one of a shell one time when I was younger. I believe in all those things.
    One point I would like to make however, is that I never said that the Earth was 2,000 years old. I’m not sure how old the planet is…and to be honest, I don’t really care. What I know for sure is that it does exist…and that I am on it breathing oxygen and all that good stuff. As to how it was created, I’m going to put my faith in God and believe that he did something amazing and spectacular on every imaginable scale. That’s what I believe.

  • Anders

    “I’m going to put my faith in God and believe that he did something amazing and spectacular on every imaginable scale. That’s what I believe.”

    That’s fine(I totally disagree though).

    But saying the earth is 6000 years old is totally stupid/insane.
    I don’t care if someone created the earth and made certain rules that work(Gravity is one). The fact is they exist. Evolution is also a fact. If it was God’s idea or Thor’s idea is really hard to determine.
    As you have guessed I believe that Evolution is just the way things work.

  • Jemaleddin

    What I always wonder is which creation from Genesis is the one people believe? Genesis 1 and 2 present completely different versions of creation, neither of which makes the least bit of sense. So which one is it, Jonathan?

  • joe kurtz

    With mind-blowing scientific discoveries being made on a daily basis ( such as the fact that Mars did,infact, have massive oceans on it’s surface until something caused it’s axis to shift billions of years ago sending much of it’s liquid into space … the discovery in China of the skeleton of a gigantic bird-like raptor that was the size of a T-Rex that existed millions of years ago, a new addition to the fossil record that adds further proof to the theory that dinosaurs were evolutionary ancestors much more closely related to birds than to reptiles … ), the fact that some folks still cling hard & fast to the supersticious beliefs that they learned in Sunday school just boggles my mind.

  • Atom

    This post is like a fossil.

  • Aaron

    And I am a paleontologist!

    found you!

    funny thing is, that John guy never specified what he believes exactly about crationism, yet people here were attacking his belief by arguing details he never said, that they brought in.

    and that intenso guy trying to argue that small scale mutation of the flu isn’t evolution is silly. it was said earlier: mutation + natural selection = evolution. very true. but somehow intenso thinks that small changes in the genetic structure of the influenza virus that allow it to survive our antibodies and procreate, passing those traits that allowed it to survive to it’s next generation isn’t evolution……fucked! That’s a perfect microcosm for evolution……