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Rich Franklin isn’t dead / retired


The last time we saw Rich Franklin he was lying in a crumpled heap on the Octagon canvas, after taking what appeared to be a shotgun blast to the face from Cung Le.

While many assumed that would be the last we’d see of the former middleweight champion, it turns out they were wrong. Not only is he able to walk under his own power and form coherent sentences, but retirement is also the last thing on his mind:

“I haven’t been sitting on my end thinking about retirement,” Franklin told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour Monday. “I don’t want any of the fans out there to think, ‘Oh, Rich is just out there contemplating retiring.'”

Apparently ‘Ace’ has just been busy training for a new opponent: the organic smoothie vendors of Los Angeles.

“At this point in time, I’m actually out in L.A. currently. I’m looking at some retail locations for an organic juice business that I’m opening up. We were looking at some possible opening dates and things like that and the opening dates got shifted back a little bit,” he said.

The UFC was happy to give him the time off and as Franklin explained, they told him to call them when he was ready to be scheduled for another fight.

Well, one thing you can say about aging and retired UFC fighters is that they’re an ambitious bunch. We seen former fighters become best-selling authors, movie stars, graphic novelists, and now Rich is set to become a Jugo Juice franchisee.

At least, Franklin is thinking ahead. If he gets brutally knocked out again, juice is probably the only thing he’ll be able to get past the wires holding together his jaw. So good for him.

(pic by Ken Pishna for MMA Weekly)

  • CAP

    Didn’t Seth “the Kimbo Killer” Petruzelli have a juice business too? Maybe Ace can team up with him but then he has to worry about Seth grabbing his junk all the time.

  • frickshun

    You’re improving. Almost cracked a smile reading this….

  • Letibleu

    ^^ I was thinking the same thing before I clicked on the comments section


    I would prefer reading MMA poetry.

  • Letibleu

    He makes apple juice that he sprays on friends girlfriends

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Unlike Sonnen, Franklin has taken a TON of punishment in his career. I’m not all that stoked to see him stick around for a few novelty fights when I know he’s a smart dude and has certainly amassed a small fortune. If Ace wants to come out for one more, he’s earned it, but one more is all I want to see from him. Hang it up and ride off into your fundamentalist-christian sunset Ace, you’ve made Jesus proud enough.