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Rich Franklin vs Hendo coming up!

I was pretty impressed with the UFC’s ability to pull UFC85 out of the fire. It looks like they left no stone unturned, asking half the champions out there to step up and help out:

New welterweight champion St. Pierre was offered a title defense with Jon Fitch, but felt his hands were damaged in his win over Matt Serra in Montreal and he couldn’t be ready in such a short period of time. Franklin, who also fought in Montreal, was offered a match with Dan Henderson, but felt after such a hard training camp that he wouldn’t be able to peak again so soon. Both fights are expected to take place later this year.

Anderson Silva was also called but he’s out after some kind of ‘undisclosed’ surgery, which is mysterious to say the least. I guess when you’re in a profession where people are trying to beat you up, then you don’t really want anyone knowing your weak spots.

The whole Jon Fitch vs GSP thing was pretty much a lock, but it’s cool that Franklin vs Hendo is coming up sometime later this year. Perhaps Rich Franklin does have a role at middleweight after all: fighting guys AFTER they fight Anderson Silva. Although if I was Dan Henderson, I wouldn’t agree to the match without a “You’re not allowed to fire me if I lose” clause written into the contract. The guy’s been fighting the elite of the elite since he arrived in the UFC and I’m kinda surprised that he’s not getting at least one reasonably easy fight before being thrown back in the wood chipper.

  • Amy Robinson

    Franklin/Hendo- totally called that one.

  • godzillad

    Franklin by unanimous decision

  • Jemaleddin

    Franklin by Hendo is washed up. Wait…

  • Throken

    I really see Hendo taking this fight. I think it will be a good fight, but I think Henderson will take at least one round by taking Franklin down and being active on top. You know a fight is a good one, when you are sitting wishing it was a 5 rounder, instead of just 3.

  • jeff

    i think a lot of people are going to be writing franklin off for this one but i think he is gunna show the world that he really is number two behind anderson.

  • smoogleton

    Guys like Hendo probably have don’t have release clauses like that in their contract, or better yet, are being paid guaranteed money.

  • Asbel

    Hendo by big looping punch ko early or Franklin by face painting decision

  • Trembling Eagle

    I bet Silva is getting his knees worked on yet again

    he has a history of knee issues

  • kentyman

    That’s a true testament to the hardness of Franklin’s face.