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Ronda: “If you have that title, you have a responsibility to defend it at anytime against anyone.”

You can add Ronda Rousey to the list of people who disapprove of Jon Jones’ decision to turn down Chael Sonnen as an opponent for UFC 151. Here’s what she told ESPN:

Rousey, who says she classes herself as a friend of Jon Jones, was mystified by the decision. She told ESPN: “Mostly, I’d be more bummed with my coach, if I had that situation come up and my coach said anything else other than ‘you’re the world champion, you could beat anyone, anytime. Go do it’, I would think ‘why doesn’t my coach have any confidence in me?’ I don’t know what Jon Jones’ reasoning is, but I’d have made a different decision.”

“I don’t have any kids to provide for, if I come home with a bruised up face and a loss all I have to worry about is my own pride and my cable bill,” she added. “When I was first starting out, when I really needed the money, the main event fell through and the whole event was cancelled and I know how that feels. I wouldn’t want to do that to anybody else.”

“If Dana said he wanted me to fight Chris ‘Cyborg’ Santos with a 40lbs weight disadvantage or wrap our hands with Duck Tape and be there in 40 minutes, I’d say I’d be there in 10 minutes just so I could stretch first. It doesn’t matter to me, I consider myself the best in the world. I think if you have that title, you have a responsibility to defend it at anytime against anyone.”

A strange thing for someone to say when she’s just demanded the Cyborg fight happen at a weight class Cris can’t make and with extensive drug testing agreements in place. Then again, most people in the know think all that is just posturing to make sure Ronda gets paid the kind of money she deserves to move up in weight for a

  • Steven Artlip

    “If you have that title, you have a responsibility to defend it at anytime against anyone.” she’s talking about defending a title, not moving up a weight class to fight someone else. That would be the same as us being pissed at Jon Jones if he didn’t fight someone like Alistair Overeem, and fight him at Overeem’s weight class. The fight against Sonnen could have and should have happened. I’ve always been an avid Jones supporter, after everything he has “done” I guess but this was unnecessary. He could have taken the fight, he should have taken the fight. And because he pussed out of it (funny how he called Sonnen a coward on Twitter just a week ago), all those other fighters who needed the money to do things like pay rent, take care of their family, they all got screwed. And all the fans that bought tickets to the fight, booked hotels, setup vacation schedules and paid for plane tickets, they all get screwed. Jones is at fault here (so is Dana for not putting in more work to try to secure any type of headliner to replace Jones v Henderson), but as the champ, he really bitched out.

  • Steven Artlip

    that should have said that she *really meant* when it came to her actually defending the title, not just fighting Guyborg.

  • Letibleu

    the end of this article leaves me in suspense…

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    at a weight class Cris doesn’t want to make and with actual drug testing agreements in place

    Rebelllion needs to hire some proofreaders for you Hyan.

    I would have preferred Bones to take any fight from his weightclass, but I don’t have to take care of his kids if he gets injured.

    I hope Dana learns from this and stops spreading these cards so thin. But his blaming everything on a young champion suggests he won’t learn anything from this at all.

  • Oontyex

    cyborg is a division that looks like its dead. She’s got caught cheating and in recent photos on facebook looks much less juiced up – if she could make 1 div up before, she looks like 2 weight divs smaller now.

    Also, yeh, defending on not defending your title is very different to chosing to move up in weight for a superfight or not.

  • Márcio

    Ronda is right. Everybody should stop pretending that the UFC asked Jones to move up in weight to fight a beast. He was given an easy fight and wussed out.

  • Reverend Clint

    rhonda fighting a man at a higher weight is not the same as jones being a big black pussy

  • G Funk

    ^ Right, a pussy… You’re such a fucking stupid hillhonky Clint. A guy who fights and has beaten the toughest guys in the sport is such a fucking pussy. All these dumbfucks calling him a pussy prob hasn’t even trained extensively in anything (ie. Clint & friends)and most def. han’ts trained MMA.

    BAAARRRFFF at Honda. Of coarse I was waiting for her diarrheal mouth to spout some stupid vial on this subject.

  • G Funk

    I now officially can’t stand that stupid cunt and I’m rooting for her face to get smashed. Thanks HyOn for over exposing her!

  • iamphoenix

    This new HondaLinker website sucks!

  • SST

    It’s the same thing, both acting like fuckin’ Divas.

  • Kimbo’s lice

    “money she deserves to move up in weight for a…” barium enema?

  • Kimbo’s lice

    “money she deserves to move up in weight for a…” date with Justin Bieber?

  • Kimbo’s lice

    “money she deserves to move up in weight for a…” title fight with Jon Jones?

  • Reverend Clint

    oh g funk busting out the stupid “you havent trained” schtick… fuck off G Spunk

  • Reverend Clint

    hyperbole… google it

  • Reverend Clint

    never mind let me help you

  • G Funk

    Clintoris, its not really about you not ever training a single minute in anything other than your right forearm and jaw muscles. It’s about your pig headed bumpkin brain that processes retardly. Thats all bud. i still love you though you big, stinky, Monster energy breathed, hairy inbread gentleman.

  • Reverend Clint

    im having a bad weekend/month having lost my uncle/job/car/hope and do i still need to google hyperbole for you?