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Ronda Rousey goes off the deep end

Sarah Kaufman is doing a lil promo for her upcoming fight with Ronda Rousey, giving away tickets to the fans that do the best Rousey impression. Ronda heard about it and here’s her reaction:

Hey everybody, this is Randa Roozie – NOT Ronda Rousey!! I really hate that self centered cocky chick!!! Sarah Kaufman – AKA my most favorite fighter EVER – is having a ticket giveaway contest for the best Ronda Rousey impression! I reeeeally want to win these tickets to see you knock that biatch off her high horse Sarah! Seriously! Someone needs to humble her! I mean who does she think she is? The best in the world or something?! God….. I really just hate her…. only evil people have high self esteem!
But anyways, I really hope you pick me as the winner for best impression! Can’t wait to see you knock her ugly face into pieces when you guys fight on August 18th!!!
your #1 fan,

After the jump, the only real entry. It’s a doozy as well.

  • drunkenjunk

    well ryan, i think you’re chances just increased after that vid.

  • Filmdrunk

    One of the reasons I always liked fighting is that when people had a disagreement, they could skip past all this dumb shit and go straight to the face punching.

  • Symbul

    That’s kinda funny. Goes too long though.

  • Letibleu

    by ronda saying ronda sucks is she confirming she bobs for throat yogurt?

    I would totally make a video for tickets but then i would have to sell them and i know they would not sell.

  • Derp Derpington

    Douche chills all around!

  • Chuck

    Ronda Rousey never misses an opportunity for shameless self promotion.

    BTW, there is another entry.

  • Letibleu

    ^that one was actually pretty funny

  • xpac

    I’ve pissed in toilets that look better than Ronda Rousey.