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Ronda Rousey is a huge disappointment to her mother

Here’s some proof that no matter how successful a person may be, their parents always think they could be doing better. Ariel Helwani talks to Ronda Rousey’s mom Ann Maria De Mars:

You’re the reason why she got into judo Did you ever think it would translate into a career like this?
No, absolutely not. I thought she would win the Olympics and then go to graduate school and get a PHD in biology and become the next Jacques Cousteau and do research in marine biology. But it didn’t quite turn out that way.

But you’re happy none the less, right?
Well, she’s very happy and everybody says whatever my child wants to do I will support them. Which, they’re thinkin ‘Oh, if they go to medical school or law school’ and that. ‘Oh, they decide to punch people in the face and break their arm?’ But she’s happy and she likes it so … it’s good.

I’ve already done my meme-twister graphic for the day so I won’t do another, but I think Ronda’s mom gives High Expectation Asian Father a run for his money. “Bronze? What year is this, 3000BC?” “That Strikeforce belt is okay I guess but a doctorate would be better!” “What are your plans for when you’re older? No one is gonna put you on the cover of a magazine naked then.”

(via Pegson’s WMMA tumblr)

  • matthewpolly

    A disappointed parent is to motivation for middle class kids what an abusive father is for the rabble. Think how much it has done for you Ryan.

  • mitchO

    I cannot help but laugh and fall in love with Ronda’s mom. She is so cool and outspoken herself, you can really see where Ronda gets her personality from which is supercool by the way and she seems like a supportive, inspiring mother that appreciates her daughters gifts and career while also being succesful in sports herself. She also wants her to be happy and seeing that in your childs eyes is what life is about just awesome to witness.

  • Fightlinker

    It has made me neurotic. Here I am making money off my tourettes and all i can think about is how disappointed my parents are that I don’t have some bullshit desk job

  • frickshun

    I am grateful that Ryan’s poor career decisions have contributed to my entertainment while I’m taking breaks from my real job.

    Gimme a second while I wipe the BBQ sauce from the corners of my mouth w/this $100 bill…..

  • TheButtStrangler


    Ronda Rousey’s mom is kind of a bitch to?

    Go figure.

    “… how disappointed my parents are that I don’t have some bullshit desk job”


    That substantiates my theory that such intuitive creativity and bravado could never be achieved via civilian desk and chair!

    But only perched masculine and empirical haunch to bowl!