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Ronda Rousey is teaming up with the Diaz brothers

We’ve already seen footage of Ronda Rousey training with Nick Diaz, but now it’s official: she’ll be spending a few weeks down at Cesar Gracie’s training with the gang:

Yeah, I’m going up there from the 3rd to the 16th (of April) and it’s going to be the first time ever since I started doing MMA that I’m going to be training for an actual extended period of time away from my core camp, who I’ve always been with. When I did judo I used to go around all the time, like every month or so I would go away for a week or two weeks to go train somewhere else. For some reason, it’s something I never did in MMA, so they invited me to come train up there.

Training isn’t the only area she’s been branching out in. She’s also been working hard on her media persona: You seem to understand the difference between sports and sports/entertainment. When did you develop the understanding that you can’t just be an athlete, that you also have to promote yourself?

RR: That’s why you never heard of me when I did judo. I was just competing and I never really did much to put out my name, or wear makeup or get dressed up or went out of my way to do extra interviews. That’s why no one ever heard of me and why I was pretty broke. Now I had to switch careers and turn my (personality) on and I’m doing pretty well. I had to bring more of an energy aspect to it sooner or later, but I wasn’t always that way. It was a progression from my first amateur fight until now. I knew when I started doing MMA, I would have to think more about how people see me instead of just going out there and fighting. As time went on and I had more spare time and money to pay attention to that kind of stuff, I started working on it more and more. We’ll see how it goes because I have a lot of opportunities coming up and I have a lot of people working with me and helping me. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next couple months. Is Chael Sonnen one of those people helping you?

RR: (LAUGHS) He gave me some advice the other day that I needed to hear. He’s not one of the main people I work with, but I’ve talked to him before and he had some very interesting and smart things to say.

Ronda was recently seen canoodling with Chael Sonnen in a coffee shop, so maybe that’s where he gave her that advice. Did they talk about overexposure? Was that something they touched on? Because I love Ronda Rousey and even I’m getting sick of posts about her every day.

  • Oontyex

    Lies, you are not getting sick of it

  • JoeRoganIsAnnoying

    Fl’s getting jealous!  You’re ok, just throw on that judo-gi, start training & Fight for your woman!  

    Smart money’s on FL, he’s pretty witty, then again…

  • Reverend Clint

    now she will learn how to get high and throw pillow punches

  • iamphoenix

  • Redping

    hahah if you think Nick Diaz throws ‘pillow punches’ then you don’t know shit about striking

  • Letibleu

  • iamphoenix


  • Jarman

    they sure look pillowy. it was so entertaining watching people slowly wilt under their onslaught though. it’s artful. not throwing full power into punches is probably the smartest thing he does. but they still qualify as pillow punches, no matter how effective they are. especially compared to most goombas who just wingit for the fences every time.

    I’d way rather take an average punch from diaz over an average punch from cabbagepatchcheck.

  • Reverend Clint

    his punches are like chinese water torture

  • Letibleu

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Methinks you guys have him confused with Bisping.

  • Reverend Clint

    if you watch his punches in slow mo he hits with the knuckes on the his fingers. almost a closed slap motion

  • Redping

    nope. his punches land with his knuckles. Sometimes he does slap people like that though. if you guys think anything that isn’t swinging-for-the-fences is pillowpunching, then you must be pretty hard fans to please. His punches are punches. sometimes they’re hard, sometimes they’re a jab.

    I guess people just need to find something to hate him for, but his punching ability? seems a bit of a weird angle