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Ronda Rousey talks about all that sex at the Olympics

Ronda Rousey shares a few Olympic dos and don’ts for the London 2012 athletes. Top of the list: wear condoms. Which I guess is advice for the male athletes, unless she also expects women to wear those suckers on their fingers or go the whole nine yards and construct dental dams for safe oral and rimjob action. I’m not a giant butthole muncher but you gotta figure these Olympic competitors probably have some top condition assholes … it’d be a shame not to do something with them. So if you see some of the athletes running a little funny during the 400 meter dash, they were probably getting way too freaky with their comrades from the Congo or Ecuador.

  • iamphoenix

    why is it called a dental dam when it doesn’t go near her teeth? Does a dentist apply it? Is that what the suckers are really for? You’re telling me my tire repair company shouldn’t be called RimJobs? Is a butthole muncher related to the cookie monster?

    *These are all mailbag questions so fucking answer them HYAN!!!

  • G Funk

    Hyan’s girlfriend is becoming really annoying.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully
  • drunkenjunk

    she’s so annoying. I hope the rat beats her next month.