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Rory MacDonald says he won’t fight GSP

Not only are big fights falling left and right due to steroids and scheduling issues, future big fights are being preemptively killed due to the most annoying emotions in the MMA scene: friendship and loyalty. Here’s Rory MacDonald talking about the possibility of fighting GSP:

“It’s about principle. You can’t dance with the devil. I didn’t get into (mixed martial arts) for money … I’m not taking a fight against Georges. We’re training partners and help each other get better … I stick to my principles. I believe in friendship. I have to think more tomorrow and 10 years from now.”

And in another interview:

“I understand people want to see that drama, but I’m not big into drama,” MacDonald said. “We enjoy rolling together and hopefully he retires or moves up (before I would be next in line). I’ll wait my turn. It’s a rule in the gym (that we won’t fight each other). (I’d move up) – I’m not scared of fighting bigger guys. I don’t really care about my size – I’d fight small. I don’t care.”

I’m not putting too much stock in this. Even if Rory is planning on fighting GSP some day, what is he supposed to do, just f*ckin say that now? Wink at GSP every so often during practice and make little pew pew finger guns at him? That’d be stupid.

So yes, we are going to sit through this kabuki play where everyone stays loyal for the next few years as Rory MacDonald transforms from serious prospect to legit challenger. Then we’ll see where things stand. If Rory really seems like the guy to beat GSP, you better believe the UFC will put serious pressure on the fight to happen. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But trying to gauge that now is just pointless. Unless the media is just trying to force a rift in the friendship. Hey, it worked with Rashad and Jon!

  • ThePassionateProctologist

    Dana says he will.

    I hope you Canucks stick together better then americans do.

    Although with greg jackson in GSP’s ear…

  • glassjawsh

    itd be stupid to fight him in the next 3 or 4 years anyhow. he’d get worked and he know it. he’s gonna wait around and absorb all the gsp fight brilliance until all the injuries eventually take their toll before he goes ‘turncoat’
    dude would just be coming into his physical prime by then anyhow

  • Giallo

    GSP should stop being a pussy and move up.

  • kwagnuth

    They need to throw him in there against some good wrestlers and see if he can hold his owne and not pamper him with hand picked opponents. That last dude couldn’t wrestle worth a shit.

  • Reverend Clint

    id fight any of my friends if it was my fucking job to fight people. its not like gsp and rory are fighting to the death.

  • ThePassionateProctologist

    @ Rev, yeah I’ve heard that argument before.

    Didn’t BJ say something similar about his good ole buddy Diaz, until after they fought.

    I guess it would depend on how good a friends they are.

    Personally I wouldn’t disrespect a genuine friendship over my job description.

    Just because you fight for a living doesn’t mean you have to beat up your dog, little kids at the park and anything that moves.

    I would heavy spar with a friend.
    But if you already think GSP is boring now do you really want to see that?

  • drunkenjunk

    I bet Hendricks/ Ellenberger smash him.

  • Blackula Jonez

    If Carlos Condit can put Rory on his back and smash him wtf will GSP or any other competent wrestler do?

  • agentsmith

    Rory was kicking Condit’s ass for like 95% of the fight, but it turns out that last 5% is what really mattered in the end.