Rory Singer thinks he’s going to win. How cute.

Rory Singer thinks he’s got Jason MacDonald’s number. An amusing excerpt from an interview where he discusses his opponent’s nickname: What are your opinions on Jason calling himself the “TUF Killer”?

Rory Singer: TUF Killer? I think that is hysterical. I don’t think the nickname should count if you give it to yourself so I don’t agree with that but he has beaten two guys from TUF. He got smashed by Franklin and now he’s about to fighter another guy from TUF. I plan on putting an end to that, so, I don’t know what kind of nickname he’ll have to come up with, maybe “I was the TUF killer of two TUF alumni and then I lost to Rory Singer”. That’s a long nickname so I don’t know if it will work out for him or not but it will certainly end with me on June 16th. He’s just not going to win that fight.

I love it when guys are in denial. Watching Rory Singer get his shit jiu-jitsued into another dimension is one of the only reasons I plan on watching UFC72.

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