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Round the 3th: Fight!

Props to fellow jackal Gaston for tipping the Fightlinker forums off to the next big thing in combative sports: Japanese Bug Fights!

These mixed martial arthropods give the fans what they really want: exoskeleton-crushing appendage locks and the occasional spinning-back-sting.

Though I’ve become a big fan of Stag Beetle (those underhooks are vicious), Round the 10th with Praying Mantis vs. Wasp (above) was by far the fight of the night. Praying Mantis has a phenomenal clinch game, and one of the stiffest jabs I’ve seen in years, but when Wasp gets side control it’s all over. Even with his superior height and reach, Mantis’s lack of a ground game becomes his downfall. Basically, he’s the Tim Sylvia of bugfighters.*

It turns out the commentary is actually Mauro Ranallo speaking Japanese. I’ve translated it below:

Let’s hope our contenders don’t have any butterflies in their stomachs tonight as we get ready for our main event! I feel like a fly on the wall at this epic battle between Praying Mantis and Wasp. Oh, and it really looks like Mantis has stirred up a hornets’ nest in this; round the 1th of our main event. And though the young Wasp is barely knee-high to a grasshopper, he manages to drop Mantis like a fly. Whoa Nelly, like a moth to a flame, Wasp makes a bee-line to the downed Mantis and jumps into side control! Looks like lay-and-pray might not have been Mantis’ best gameplan! Wasp told us backstage that he wouldn’t hurt a fly, but it looks like he has nothing wrong with hurting one’s relative. Oh no, and it’s lights out for Mantis as Wasp tells him “don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

(*) Tim “The Praying Maine-tis” Sylvia?

EDITS: Embedding Round the 10th instead (even though saying “the 3th” sounds way awesomer). And added a hidden picture.

  • Method

    The beetle really blew his opportunity at a leg lock by not transitioning from the mount properly. what a nub

  • Atom

    author: kentyman? Seriously? The patients really have taken over the asylum.

  • #1 jackal

    Add a little milk to those bugs, and that looks like my breakfast in the mornings

  • Accomando

    I hate Tim “The Praying Maine-tis” Sylvia, with his stupid legs.

    Atom, I was thinking the samething.

  • Bling Crosby

    You just know is this ever gets big in America people are gonna rank the Japanese bugs higher, regardless of the results.

  • kentyman

    There’s already rumors that half these fights are fixed, and they’re all on ‘roids (beetle-juicing?).

  • fightlinker

    The bee is like BJ Penn, willing to fight anyone no matter what the weight difference

  • Asa

    I’m glad to see Kenty’s moved on up using his lame and cliche’d “Every Single Fucking Thing I post Is Fucking Awesome” schtick.

  • kentyman

    I’m a hack, it’s true.

  • kentyman

    Man, Round the 11th is awesome. Scorpion eye pokes Blue Crayfish at 1:47, which is totally legal according to the rules, and it ends up killing him!

    Maybe Blue Crayfish should’ve lifted more weights in the prefight video?

  • Knukled

    Kentyman, rewatch Round the 11th, the eyepoke was accidental, and Giant Scorpian backed off, in the replay it is clearly the strike to the inner elbow that finishes off Blue Crayfsh. Whether Dim Mak is legal or not, I don’t know, but I think Giant Scorpion must be training with George Dillman. Or maybe the eyepoke was part of it and he was stacking meridians for the deathtouch?

  • kentyman

    Haha. Yeah actually the eyepoke is totally legal:

    I was actually upset that that we didn’t see the death itself. Was it the inner elbow sting, a miracle deathtouch, or did Scorpio just drop him in a pot of boiling water with some Zatarain’s?

  • Accomando

    That “Preying Maine-tis” pic rules, set as desktop background!