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Roxanne Modafferi gets the job done

If you hadn’t heard already, all around cool chick and my super secret love-crush Roxanne Modafferi won the 10,000$ K-Grace women’s MMA tournament two weeks ago, beating 3 chicks in one night (hot). I’ve been trying to track down video but it’s proving elusive. Today however I got some pics from the show.

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  • Ryan

    I have a crush on Roxy too. Hard to believe but she’s single. You should totally check her out fightlinker,

    Oh, and she lives in Japan too…

  • fightlinker

    She set her Myspace song default play setting to OFF! +50 cool points

  • Mike O

    yeah i guess she is hot if you are really into that whole 9 year old girl look

  • Mike O

    wait, i changed my mind, 12 year old boy

  • Jonathan

    Dude…she has this like secret love society going on here at Fightlinker.


  • fightlinker

    Cookie cutter blondes and brunettes hold nothing on roxy. She’s one cool chick, and she’s a fucking fighter to boot. I’d finally get to fulfill my fantasy of jiu jitsu as foreplay

  • Mike O

    yeah shes super cool. if only she were also attractive.

  • Hywel Teague