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Just an early reminder that Roxanne Modafferi fights this Wednesday on TUF – she’ll be taking on 3 time WIBA World Champion and 2 time former WBC Lightweight boxing champ Jessica Rakoczy. It’s gonna be a tough fight I’m sure, but one thing I’ve learned from watching TUF…

We’ll be running a special Fightlinker Chat session for the episode so drop in and join us as Roxy continues her quest to become *insert gravelly Mike Rowe voice* the next … ULTIMATE FIGHTER!


  • CAP

    I will watch even with those seriously hideous Team Taters uniforms.


  • glassjawsh

    ^ you just tipped your hand as a puffer. it’s ok to be a fancy boy CAP, you are as Odin made you.

    that clip makes it look like Rox loses

  • Shibo

    Spoilers are out there for this one. I won’t say a word. Will see you guys on Wed night.

  • CAP

    Ahhahahahaha and jawrshy once again shows he has no standards at all! But I knew that already.

  • iamphoenix

    I don’t get it…what’s a******** supposed to mean?