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Roy Nelson is getting cheapskated out of the UFC

Roy Nelson is getting cheapskated out of the UFC

Roy Nelson is fighting Stipe Miocic this Saturday at UFC Winnipeg: Revenge of the Gypsy Curse, and you better enjoy it because it may very well be the last time Nelson steps into the Octagon.

UFC President Dana White used the contract circumstances as a way to explain the pairing of Nelson and Miocic, which looked odd when announced five weeks ago.

The fighters were headed in different directions. Nelson had just defeated Cheick Kongo and ascended to No. 5 in the heavyweight rankings two months ago while Miocic was coming off the first loss of his career and hadn’t fought in nine months.

Slated to fight newcomer Soa Palelei on the preliminary card, Miocic found himself promoted into the Nelson bout on late notice. It was a necessary move, according to White, because of the terms of Nelson’s contract.

“He’s on the last fight of his deal and we owe him a fight,” White said. “He’s not giving us any extensions.”

White reported that the UFC offered Nelson an extension that he turned down, prompting the boss to blast the fighter by referring to him as “the smartest guy on Earth” and “a (expletive) genius.”

Cheick Kongo wasn’t fired by the UFC, persay. He was just offered a shittier contract, which led him to refuse and test out the free agent waters. And while he hasn’t officially signed with Bellator yet, word is he will be once the UFC refuses to match B’s offer. In Kongo’s case, the situation makes sense. He hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire lately with a 1-2 record and plodding decision wins. The UFC felt he was no longer worth 70k/70k he currently made and tried to renegotiate a lower rate upon resigning. He refused and is now going somewhere else. The system works!

But in Roy Nelson’s case, the UFC’s lowballing seems to have less to do with Nelson’s performance in the cage than management’s disliking of the portly heavyweight. You can’t really cut a guy who’s won his past three fights via first round knockout, but you can refuse to offer him a raise and let him walk away on his own. And while the UFC is perfectly free to run their business however they want, it’s disturbing when you see toxic office politics basically push a top 5 fighter out of the major league of MMA.

  • frickshun

    I love when you guys armchair QB Zuffa’s business decisions!! Regardless of how they feel about Roy personally, he has a big fan following & finishes his wins spectacularly. Zuffa is well aware of his stock & probably pays him accordingly. None of us know the actual terms of his deal. For all we know, he could be making close to a mil a year when all is said & done. Maybe Roy is the one playing hardball & Zuffa is waiting for HIM to come to his senses. And I’m a big fan of Roy so I do hope he stays w/the UFC.

  • agentsmith

    Nelson’s still getting only $24K+24, the same as the likes of Gonzaga and other guys that aren’t even top 10. Struve is getting $29K to show, and Bigfoot is getting like $70K. So yeah, Nelson’s pretty underpaid.

  • CAP

    I hope Roy sticks around but we all know he doesn’t fit the UFC image of cage wurriors so I could see them letting him walk. All while maintaining guys like Thiago Silva after repeat offenses only because he fits the right image imo. He does have a decent fan base though he has that going for him.

    Agent mentioned Bigfoot and that would be a good fight for Roy next if he sticks around. Maybe at 205 haha yeah right! Or could Roy be holding out for another win and be trying to leverage a title shot. I don’t know if Dana could stomach having Roy as his HW posterboy champ. Sounds like a long shot but Big Country has been defying the odds for a while now. Pay the man.

  • Fightlinker

    i’m the tim tebow of armchair quarterbacking. sure i blow it on the reg but my jesus powered passes connect enough that yall still love me

  • BradMFHerman

    Ive been a big country believer since TUF and although i like dana white roy has earned his spot in the UFC keep rubbin that belly roy you rock