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Royce Gracie: It’s a conspiracy!

Up here in Canadia-land we’ve got some good stuff going on, like the tv show Off the Record with Michael Landsberg. Sure Michael looks a bit creepy and sounds like Mauro Renallo’s more successful big brother. But damn does this guy get some good guests for his show. This show here which you can watch in it’s entirety features Royce Gracie, Fight Network president Mike Garrow, and some boxing dudes.

It’s really interesting to hear guys that aren’t just spouting rhetoric and soundbytes regarding the whole mixed martial arts versus boxing debate. It’s also interesting to hear Royce Gracie accuse the UFC of a conspiracy to destroy K1 and tamper with his urine. Despite that crackpot shit, Royce comes off as a simple guy who just wants to fight no holds barred. Sucks for him that the sport he launched has taken off and turned into something else. Ah well, there’s always Japan … they let people do anything.

  • Teufel

    On Monday he’s got Georges St Pierre as his guest.

  • kentyman

    I almost couldn’t watch it ’cause of Michael Landsberg. I didn’t like how he went out of his way to stir things up. Also, it looks like his face was burnt off and they painted his lips back on.

  • Jemaleddin

    Is Royce claiming that Dana got Sean Sherk’s piss into his test?

  • fightlinker

    haha, ba dum tss!

  • Thomas

    Was it only me or did Royce look totally ripped for his fight aganist Saku. Muscle Milk…..Yeah sure dude.

  • Lifer

    I did enjoy his rationalization of not fighting the result because it would be more expensive in the end. He can do 1 fight a year, roid up and rage out, and get paid more for that than any TUF fighter will ever see in their lifetime. I think he’s got it pretty easy.

  • marshal

    Royce should have taken Fedor’s approach and stopped while he was on top. Remain a legend, not a whiny bitch.